This thread involves the rise of Alpha Jaguar, a frequent visitor to this blog who has chosen to share his experience as a straight Alpha who learned early about the usefulness of faggots. You can read all of his posts in chronological order by CLICKING HERE!

One of the truly awe-inspiring Alpha voices to ever appear on this site is that of Alpha Jaguar. He reminds me of Natural-Hung-Bull in that he’s a straight, married Apex Alpha predator who is also very thoughtful about the inner workings of his dominance. But whereas NHB falls on the side of a civilized predatory response, Alpha Jaguar is more in touch with the animal side of that same instinct.

It’s thrilling to me. Through Alpha Jaguar, I get to see Alphahood through the heightened senses of the world’s most potent conquerors.

His latest question hints at exactly the kind of raging Alpha Beast lurks beneath the façade.

I have become aware of something peculiar about myself.

Even though fags have thrown themselves at my crotch my entire life I do not really find fags attractive, to me they are means to an end (ie holes). I find there submission hot. I am however drawn to younger alphas who may or may not know themselves Yet. When I see these young studs I actually feel a charge through my body and my dick stirs. I want to throw them down, wrestle them into submission and fuck them till they can’t walk. I know if they get me horned up to a certain level nothing could stop it. I usually resist this as I don’t want be socially unacceptable or a rapist. On occasion I have even mentored some young guys, benevolently.

Still, I kind of guttural growled at a young alpha yesterday at a convenience store when he sized me up. It was very instinct based, he looked terrified, deflated, and left quickly. This is not a usual practice for me but rather just my natural reaction.

Is it weird that I like young alphas? What does it say about me? What are your thoughts? This is a very real question.

The two examples of Alpha instinct that Alpha Jaguar cites here are very real and quite natural. I’ve seen one much more than the other, but in the animal Kingdom these instincts are absolutely common in predatory animals.

The first instinct involves mentoring. Alphas have an ability to recognize brother Alphas (is it by smell? Visual cues? I don’t know.) and they pair up just like lions. Older Alphas look at younger, less experienced Alphas and they feel the need to mentor them. They truly do take this sacred and instinctual Alpha tradition of mentorship very seriously.

What is the value of this ancient mentorship program? Well, it preserves the meaning and power of Alphahood. It keeps the Alpha bloodline clean and protected. It also allows superior Men to test and improve each other; remember the old saying “by steel, steel itself is sharpened.” It’s something like why Men love to get together to play sports against each other, pushing themselves and the boundaries of other Men in order to grow in strength or knowledge. It’s instructive to watch Alphas in a gym setting, with each one pushing the next to lift more weights, mock each other for failures, wrestle and play and ultimately share personal things with each other. These great predators of equal power, confident in their place within the Hierarchy together, help each other to become better Alphas. This Alpha brotherhood is rarely discussed (mainly because so few of us are in the club), but it is very real.

Now the second example Alpha Jaguar provides is even juicier. His “growling” at a younger Alpha who was sizing him up is ABSOLUTELY a predatory instinct found among virtually all land-based mammals. It is essentially a non-verbal “laying down of the law” by the older Alpha Jaguar, letting the younger Alpha know that his “territory” of Alphahood is not to be supplanted or disrespected.

I love how Alpha Jaguar expresses these experiences with a sense of surprised wonder at the behaviors rising up inside himself. “Where is that coming from?” he asks himself. It’s simply the inner animal with Alpha Jaguar erupting from beneath the veneer of the civilized family Man he lives as every day. I believe all Men are suppressing this instinct to some lesser degree, but for Alphas the urges are almost uncontrollable. Mainly because Alphas are not born to be controlled.

SIDE NOTE: Alpha Jaguar started his question with the following paragraph that lends some vital background about where he is coming from with his Alphahood and his enhanced understanding of it.

I appreciate your service, as you helped me to understand myself better and not be ashamed of my natural predatory nature. This I wouldn’t have gotten from general society, so I’m thankful to know that there is a something deep within our evolutionary makeup to explain and that I’m not alone. I believe you have helped me to make myself a better man and even father, as I can gently make love to my wife without hurting her because I know that I can use any fag who wanders into my hunting range to express my aggression and rage, and they will like it! Never really thought about it much before I found your website but makes sense to me now. 

This is the key. Alpha Jaguar has discovered this incredible power within himself that explains the rest of his life prior to understanding it. These new discoveries have given added dimension to his life.

And I love this great Alpha predator more for it. Thank you, my Animal King!