A couple of years ago I spoke with an Alpha in Washington DC who went by the Twitter handle @DomainMasterDC. He tasked me with finding him some true faggots through my network.

As usual, true faggots are hard to find, and the effort fizzled. Still, I was puzzled, because Master Ram (as he’s referred to by his faggots) seemed to be the living embodiment of Hierarchical Alphahood, but he wasn’t being served properly.

Well, it seems things have changed drastically!

Master Ram has been steadily growing a large stable of breeding stock around the country. These are true faggots, ones who are used hard, farmed out for use by other Alphas, and serve him domestically when not taking his large, uncut cock.

Watch these videos to understand what it’s truly like to be used by a true Apex Alpha, then go to his Twitter and worship him yourself!