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When I recently published a letter from Master Ursus about the Alphas living across the street from his house, I characterized them as an Alpha Pack.

This apparently triggered a thought process in the Apex Alpha mind of Master Ursus, and he sat down to clarify his thoughts on the subject of Alpha Packs.

I have never been in an Alpha pack, although now that I know what they are, I wish I had been when I was young.  Now, in adulthood, I am not as good at sharing as I was as a boy.  I have shared fags on occasion with other Alphas, but that’s about it.  

But I was thinking back.  There was a group of guys in my prep school that were a super tight clique.  They were all among our school’s best athletes, all very good looking, all well over 6 feet, all privileged from prominent families.  Along with their tight group were three or four guys who hung around them but everyone thought of as total betas even if we didn’t have a word for it.  Sometimes I heard people refer to them as the ‘cheer squad’.  One of them was a guy called Spencer, a skinny wimp.  He played all the same sports, but was no good and always on the bench.  He would literally carry the Alphas’ dirty cleats and sports bags.  Whenever I would run into this group with my friends at school or at a party or someplace, it was the cocky toned jocks who would talk and the hanger-ons would usually stay quiet.  
Thinking back on it now, of course they were an Alpha pack.  I don’t know if Spencer and the other beta boys were fags or just betas, but there was something going on.  I never heard any rumors about that crowd, but something must have been going on.  None of those jocks ever had girlfriends I can remember.  I had an on call faggot, till he moved away senior year, to take my loads in both ends and I still had girlfriends!  (I am not sure mine is a faggot, he is married and has a bunch of little kids now, but he sure acted like one in high school!).  Most of my friends were Alphas, but I had some different groups of friends in and out of my school.  I fooled around with a few friends, but the guys I used sometimes, in addition to my main fag, were mostly more submissive types not among my jock friends.  

I remembered something else from way back as well, the time another Alpha sort of bested me.  It was my last summer going to camp, I went back as a counselor some years later.  I would have been 14 I guess, and was in the oldest boy’s tent.  There were like 12 to a tent, those big old Army tents.  There was another guy in my tent, Starcke, and he and I were the leaders.  Our counselor was an effeminate college pussy who we had beaten within a day or two of camp starting.  Starcke, I think now, is an Apex Ultra Alpha.  We had some friends in common back in the City, but he had always gone to camp the second half of summer, and me the first half, so we had never been at camp at the same time, but here he was this summer.

Starcke was a big jock and a bit of a bully.  He was tall and lean and strong, at least a head taller than the rest of us.  He had a HUGE cock that we saw all the time because he liked to rub that hard leaky monster on guys’ lips while they were sleeping.  When they woke up and protested, he would tell them how much they wanted to suck on it.  That cock must have been at least 8 inches, maybe more, thick as a shovel handle with a big bright red angry-looking flared head.  At 15!! He also like to put his hole right on guys’ noses when they were sleeping and fart, although he never did either of these things to me.  
One night we were all talking about what to do the next day and Starcke and I got into a bit of an argument about it.  Without warning he punched me in the gut and knocked my wind out, pinned me on a bunk and said something to me I don’t remember, and then let a loogey fall on my face.  Not much changed after that, we each still had our “followers” in the tent, but we were wary of each other. 

I realize now it was just Apex Alphas put in close quarters and clashing.  

Alphahood is something that often goes unexamined early in an Alpha’s life. Alphas are well-known tunnel-vision predators through their teens and twenties, barely focusing on anything except satisfying their urgent needs and wants in the moment. It’s only when Alphas get a bit older that they begin to really appreciate their gift and the many experiences in their past that point to the development of their Alphahood.

That’s essentially what Master Ursus is doing here, and it’s beautiful.

These are all great examples of the Packs Master Ursus had around him in his developmental years. They show how Men naturally (even subconsciously) fall into Hierarchical roles, especially when they’re put together in a confined place. There are natural leaders, and natural betas, and natural faggots in every group of males. It allows for the efficient use of the group.

Master Ursus’s encounter with fellow Apex Alpha “Starcke” is also striking. As a faggot, I look at these kinds of battles like Godzilla vs. King Kong, two titanic, equally-powered forces testing each other out. I don’t know if Master Ursus “won” that particular battle, but there seemed to be a Cold War-like peaceful co-existence between them.

Master Ursus is a keen observer of human behavior and quite articulate. I love his perspective from his position at the very top of the Hierarchy. We will have more advice and stories from this great, experienced Apex Alpha in the future, so stay tuned!