This thread follows the thoughts and reflections of a 38-year-old Apex Alpha named Master Aresson as he sets out to rule the world. CLICK HERE to follow these posts in chronological order!

During the incredible run of this website I have been truly blessed to meet and get to know some of the greatest Apex Alphas on the planet. It overwhelms me sometimes. For a faggot, it’s as close to knowing God as I can ever hope.

Even with all of that treasured experience, I’ve never encountered an Apex Alpha like Master Daniel.

Out of nowhere Master Daniel sent me this picture:

Those are his size 13 feet. Then he said this:

Fags love big feet. I enjoy foot worship especially. I always select footfags. Licking my feet first is a must before any other part of my body may be worshipped. It’s a sign of respect!

Good introduction!

It quickly became obvious that Master Daniel understood his power over faggots as something genetic.

And I also think the smell of my feet primes the fags mind for further use. It’s like pheromones I’m sure. Gymfags can’t get enough of my sweat. I don’t own perfume or deodorant. My natural musk is much more masculine.

I discovered that Master Daniel is a 38-year-old Apex Alpha and bodybuilder from Belgium. He owns faggots all around Europe where he travels extensively for his business as well as his escorting services for wealthy fags.

Master Daniel was 14 years old when he used his first faggot.

I had fucked girls before. For I think a year. I was mature very early (at least my body). But I wasn’t satisfied with the girls. Constant complaining that I was too big or not careful enough … blah blah. Also… I remember I wanted to try anal because my buddies talked about it, they had seen porn… you know how it goes.

So back then our neighbours in Germany had kids same age as me. 2 girls and a boy. And I had already played with the elder girl, but she also refused to be fucked up the ass. So the brother who was older but small and shy must have overheard us because he snuck a note in the pocket of my pants. Just saying: “you can fuck my ass”

I was reluctant, I thought it was gay, but since he almost looked like a girl anyway I figured I’d try. Looking back he must have had experience. Because when I went to his room at some later time we had agreed on he was fully ready. I mean naked. Clean. Bitch position. Ass up. The whole thing. I fucked him. Dumped my load in him. And left. But it was fantastic. I remember how tight he felt. And no complaining. No asking for slower or careful. Just ass up face down and silent.

I fucked him about 10 times. Same procedure every time. But it was in the summer when we moved to Belgium. But it got me hooked on fagpussy over women pussies.

Even after 24 years of breeding faggots, Master Daniel still fucks plenty of females.

However I do regularly fuck females, The goal here being to impregnate them. As an alpha I must ensure that I procreate. A fag’s biggest fault is that they cannot carry alpha offspring.


Breeding is fundamental, and Master Daniel seems to grasp its importance Hierarchically. “I MUST pass on my superior gene set,” he insisted.

Again and again during our week-long conversation Master Daniel would disappear for long sessions of breeding. Then he would return with pictures of his latest triumph:

When I asked Master Daniel about this conquest, he said:

It was a gymfag that I picked up some weeks ago. I gave it my number back then. Suddenly now I got a message of it asking if I was available for worship.

But long story short I could see the mental confusion immediately. When it was licking my biceps it was comparing it to its own. When it was sucking me there was this confused look in its eyes, as if it felt it should not suck dick…

The confusion is due to the stigma of society. Well I think it was half way to understanding what it was so…. I helped it along.

It was reluctant to get fucked. So I started easy (Which is hard for me 😂). But well… let us say… it ended with almost an hour of full on plowing of its hole. Jackhammering without Mercy because I had to be sure to erase all those false beliefs.

See how Master Daniel views his ownership and breeding of faggots to be a teaching method, a way to assert Hierarchical order?

Master Daniel’s power is essentially limitless. He has been on a week-long trip through Spain for business, and he has faggots scheduled for breeding every day.

Spanish fags are very very submissive and have tight pussies. I always enjoy Spain. So have planned already a fag a day. But that’s not enough but I will pick up enough during the day. My balls are extra full already just thinking of it.

I have what I would call regulars. They may get fucked by others. They crave cock like every fag and I can’t leave the without for month.

But when I text them they have to be ready whenever I command. And they never fail to be ready. Clean shaved and on the floor.

Well it’s gonna be a fuck and cunt marathon, guaranteed. My current personal best is set at 27 loads in a day. I’ve been working to top (pun) that! It was an achievement worthy of a god.

The aggression of Master Daniel is boundless. I’ll relate this story that happened while we were texting during a recent gym session.

He was complaining about another Alpha in the gym at the time.

Ah. There is another alpha here. It’s clear he is. Still I feel this urge to fuck him.

I think I should first put him in his place as a sub alpha. He is nowhere as strong as me. I think it’s nature that wants me to correct the hierarchy. Also with covid I have gotten too little pussy. I want to stick my cock in everything that moves.

I asked him why he was so agitated by this Alpha.

It offends me that someone is in the room that could be seen as an possible equal to me. I am the king. He must submit.

No he doesn’t. I expect inferior alphas to look down when I am in their presence. Gotta go. I’m gonna take him to the toilet to teach him.

Then Master Daniel disappeared for quite a while. Finally, he returned.

That’s sorted. He is not going to be disrespectful ever again. Took him to the restrooms. Punched him in the gut so he fel to his knees. Pissed over him. Made him watch me jerk my cock, forced my cock in his throat and made him swallow my load. This will teach him and the taste of superior cum will put him in his place.

All hail the me the KING!

When I objected, he replied:

I cannot accept insubordination. What do you think how alphas determine their ranks? It’s nature. Just two males fighting for the place as leader of the pack 🤷‍♂️

Is that story real? I don’t know, but I kinda hope so!

Master Daniel has promised to come onto the podcast once he returns from his trip. I’m trembling already.

Speaking of the podcast, I read a quote from Master Daniel on it the other day about cunting. He had some very specific things to say about cunting and Hierarchy that I will craft into another post.

Hopefully you are enthralled by this literal human god as much as I am! Now kneel and kiss his godly feet!