This thread follows the story of fag Marc, a 54-year-old faggot who has been serving a 29-year-old straight Alpha named Justin for the last five years. CLICK HERE for all of the posts in this thread in chronological order!

In the previous installment, older faggot Marc met up with a young straight cash Master and was used thoroughly financially and emotionally in a mall. Afterward, the older faggot was reeling with an excitement that only an encounter with a divine being can create.

But Alpha Justin was just getting started.

Here is Marc with a continuation of the story:

It was about a month after we first met.  We were both available, so i suggested meeting up at a major sporting goods store. He arrived before me and sent me a text saying to grab a cart when i arrived. i found Him with a good amount of merchandise in His arms, but because He was wearing a tanktop, i was much more focused on His muscular arms, chest, shoulders, and back than on what He was carrying. We chatted as i followed Him through the store … more of His suave and confident conversation, met by my insecure responses … and a few more items were added. Then it was time to check-out. He stood with His massive arms folded and a grin on His face and watched as the fag took the items – shirts, shorts, sandals, hunting knives, and more – out of the cart and i started to realize that this would be a significant hit. And it was. In a few short minutes, over $500 in merchandise was now His. But He was not done. He knew that the fag was good for more than its cash … there were other ways He could use and treat the fag.

Following Him around the mall, in deference just slightly behind Him as i carried His bags of goods, i was not able to take my eyes off His body. His tanktop hugged His body, revealing His strength and size. His jeans hung low, revealing His butt covered in black briefs. He is an Adonis, a god, a true Alpha, a Man worthy of worship.

He led me to the Men’s room and He ushered the fag into a stall. He made me kneel as He dropped His pants and turned and made me service His ass. Oh, His ass. So firm and taught, not only from being in His 20’s but certainly from all of the hours He spends in the gym. The fag licked His ass deeply, taking in His flavor and essence. It was only later that i realized that this was the first time we actually touched … the first time that i touched Him was with my fag tongue in His Alpha hole … worshiping all that He is. He then made me put my head over the toilet and He pissed on the back of my head, His piss splattering all over the back of my shirt and encasing my entire head, face, ears, eyes, nose, mouth. He was treating me like a fag, and anointing me as His fag. He made me rub it into my skin, just as His cum-laced lotion had been a month before. The fag nearly came in my pants.

A short time later, as we walked through a desolate mall, i could smell His piss on me, knowing it was claiming me for what i am, and whose i am. We chatted further over lunch, hopefully i was a bit more together in my conversation skills, but regardless i know that He is learning so much more about me and what makes me a fag … His fag.

This was five years ago.  So much has happened in that time.  We have both changed.  But we have changed together.  i am His fag.  He is my Alpha.  Each in our rightful place.  There’s no other way I would choose it to be. Thank You, my Alpha.

Astounding! The part about Alpha Justin forcing his faggot to lick his ass made my jaw drop. It’s hard for most Men to even acknowledge their assholes, yet this young Alpha is enthusiastic about having his ass worshiped. Pure power move!

Keep in mind that this has been just the first month of an amazing five-year journey together! It only gets better!