For the entirety of my adult life as a faggot I’ve fearlessly practiced a formula to meet and serve straight Alphas.

It goes roughly like this:

1. Find an Alpha.

2. Approach discreetly and submissively.

3. Make an intriguing offer.

4. Allow the Alpha to process the offer on his own timetable without pressure.

This simple method has led to more successes than failures in my life. It’s what I’ve preached over the years to other faggots.

To that end, I created a physical book entitled “May I Serve You, Sir?” that could be used as a tool to motivate an Alpha to use a faggot.

But the book isn’t entirely necessary if you’re a brave faggot. And that’s what this story is about.

You see, there’s this faggot in Arizona, USA named phxchastitysub. And one day it saw an Alpha at a grocery store and finally took a leap by using my approach! Here’s its story:

Holy shit your advice is good.

I saw this really hot alpha guy going into the supermarket … I summoned up the courage to leave a note on his car. “You are hot Sir! Please let me know if you need any fag service” then my number.

Good start! I tend to make it less sexual, but still workable. It gets better:

An hour later he texts me


The faggot describes the Alpha this way:

~27ish… 6’2” fit tight jeans cowboy boots, polo shirt…. got out of a big F150 truck.

The positive experience left phxchastitysub flying high emotionally (I remember the adrenaline rush well).

I’m shocked it worked! I’ve never done anything like that and I got a good response on the very first try!

We are still waiting to see how the Alpha responds after the consideration period of the offer. But one thing’s for sure: this faggot has been changed forever!

We’ll see if it work… and even if it doesn’t this time around I’m inspired to be braver and take more initiative from now on.


I am soooo proud of my fag brother for working up the courage to make this happen! Once you see that Alphas will not kill you for submitting to them, a world of service opportunities opens up to you!

So follow this brother’s fine example! Use the approach and see what happens!