This thread follows the development of Alpha Toby, an 18-year-old straight Alpha who is taking ownership of his faggot brother and a faggot friend. CLICK HERE to read all of these posts in chronological order!

A couple of weeks ago I received an intriguing message from a young Alpha in London named Toby:

Hey faggot Sam, I wanted to ask you something about being an alpha. I’m really new to it and I’m not sure how to navigate it, I just know my power. Are faggots and gay men different or do all gay men serve a straight alpha lad like me. Also my brothers a fag, do I fuck him? Thanks, alpha Toby.

So right off the bat I’m hooked. After some digging I discovered that Alpha Toby is 18 years old, and his younger brother (the budding faggot) is 15 years old. I warned Alpha Toby about getting sexually involved with his brother, but in true Alpha fashion my words made little difference in his plans.

Thanks fag, you were really informative. I think I will fuck my faggot brother; it just feels natural. I’ve had this faggot hit me up and I’m gonna use him, he’s a friend of mine and to be 100% honest with you I knew he used to sniff my dirty underwear when he’d bunk swimming 🤣🤣.

So I wanted to know more about this young Alpha’s life.

Thanks faggot, you may be a faggot, but I’m a man of my word and an alpha must have integrity boy. I’m 18 in college, my family are middle class, I live with my faggot brother and step dad (he’s pretty alpha to). Thanks for all the information, I like it fag, you taking time out of your day fag; makes me remember my power.

From there Alpha Toby jumped to deeper topics of concern. Like fag rape.

Also like is it true fags are physically weaker, cause I can tell from 10 miles away if they’re a faggot.

And can you rape a faggot or is it not rape because I own it?

It’s pretty clear that Alpha Toby was fascinated by the legendary addiction faggots have for used Alpha socks and underwear.

Why do you faggots like sniff socks and boxers? I’ve sniffed my Football Calvin kleins and knee high footy socks and god I nearly threw up faggot; the scent of my dick piss and sweat was gross and then my salty feet to. 🤢🤢 why do you faggots love it, I’ve seen my brother wearing my dirty undies before he loves it so much fag.

I think many Alphas like Toby first become aware of the presence and insatiable hunger of faggots through the underwear/sock sniffing addiction. In typical Alpha fashion, Alpha Toby thinks his used gear stinks, while faggots like his brother or his faggot friend think they smell incredible. So I explained to Alpha Toby how his pheromones trigger faggots and females to submit to him.

I was curious about how long he had been sexually active since he seemed pretty advanced.

I lost my virginity at 14, some bitch thirsted me so I rutted 🤣🤣.

I think sometimes fags and women forget we ain’t equal🤣. I get sick of bitches and all this feminism shit, Just shut the fuck up and clean my sweaty balls 🤣. Don’t get in the way of nature, you know, fag?

How can you say we’re equal when I know you fucking cream about me?

I always find that kind of Alpha attitude very refreshing and sexy. Alphas are such natural Men, always preferring to boil interpersonal relationships down to their essence. What Alpha Toby was saying may have been his opinion, but it’s absolutely perfect Hierarchical thinking.

He went on:

Yes faggot, that’s exactly it. None if this bullshit about equality and that. Fuck faggots and bitches, all this bullshit about “fuck straight men” … Fuck off it’s cause they all touch their little clitties at the thought of our dirty gym socks. I thrive on the power knowing something as gross as my fucking sweaty football socks made some faggot hard.

Then we had a bit of a break in our conversation. When Alpha Toby returned, he said this:

Hey faggot, sorry boy. Basically I’ve not fucked my brother, but I used my friend for the first time. I went to play some sports at the park with him and we got back to my place I confronted him and he cleaned my sweaty feet and balls, but I didn’t let him suck my dick yet.

Honestly fag, I was shocked, it was like he just crumbled. It’s amazing faggot, it made me feel even more powerful that as he left I asked how big his dick was hard and he said five inches and I said “that’s the size of mine soft.”

Alpha Toby was fascinated by the fact that his faggot friend seemed so happy just to lick his feet and balls.

Damn that’s mad faggot, could you explain to me how my faggot just cleaned my feet and balls and didn’t even suck dick or cum and was fine with that fag? Damn if I was rutting some bitch and she just left before I came I’d go apeshit. That’s good to know that I brought it so much happiness, he brought me un-musky nuts 🤣🤣 low hanging and hairy.

Talk about wasting no time! But things were about to get even more intense.

Christmas was approaching, and Alpha Toby wanted to give something special to his faggot brother: a chastity cage!

Alpha Toby also bought his brother this card to go with the gift:

Alpha Toby asked me what he should write in the card, so I came up with this:

(His name),

I know you’re a faggot. As your brother, it’s my job to help you become whatever you are meant to be.

Faggots are not Men, and therefore they should be caged. I hope this chastity cage will help you be fulfilled in life.

Your Alpha Brother,


So Christmas came and went, and then I received this update:

My Christmas was great, I gave my brother his Christmas present and he totally loved it. Yes, I was super surprised, I thought he’d be disgusted and eventually come ‘round but he was just ashamed and I laughed and said put it on faggot, he went in to his room and put it on and hasn’t taken it off since.

I let him do it himself and then he came out and showed me. Should I have put it on him? I’m kinda over that other faggot, I kinda wanna focus my energy on fag little bro.

I’ve not gone all the way or anything like that yet, just cause I’m still trying to navigate this as much as he is. I think I didn’t want to push him to much, at the end of the day he is my baby bro.

I think I wanna sit and chat with my bro about where I wanna go with this.

As insane as this situation has gotten, Alpha Toby has remained methodically cool and collected throughout. It simply doesn’t rattle him. He accepts his role as Alpha, and everything else is just the way it is.

What we are witnessing in Alpha Toby is the emergence of a pure, natural-born Alpha awakening to the limitless possibilities of his own life. He is beginning to understand that anything he wants in life he can take without fear or judgement. The rules simply do not apply to him.

It’s beautiful, and so is he!