This is a new thread merging the true stories of straight Alpha Nick and straight Alpha Nikola as they begin a new adventure of full-time faggot Ownership! CLICK HERE for these new stories in chronological order!

This is a continuation of the story of the rape of Alex the faggot by Master Matt.

My beautiful Master Nick spent most of the last two days dealing with personal issues and spending time with his girlfriend, so he wasn’t physically present in the house when everything happened between Alex and Master Matt. He had been keeping tabs on the developments remotely, but he was largely distracted.

But once he found out what happened, he made a beeline for the apartment.

When he arrived, he found Master Nikola holding his broken faggot in his arms. It was the least Master Nikola could do after making the deal with Master Matt that led to Alex’s rape. It was a stunning lapse of character and judgment on Master Nikola’s part, and he realized it too late.

Master Nick knew it, too. So he ordered all of the faggots to retreat to the bedrooms and close the doors.

What followed was Master Nick dressing down his Alpha brother in stark terms. Master Nick’s screaming was loud enough to be plainly heard throughout the apartment. At one point Master Nick told Master Nikola that their faggots are important and should be treated with respect. He emphasized that the faggots are not to be traded out as sex objects for use by friends.

Master Nikola sat in shameful silence as Master Nick tore into him. It was a moment of absolute clarity in a day muddied with shock and fear.

The faggots huddled in the bedroom listened carefully to the long diatribe in reverential awe. Chin said he started to cry at Master Nick’s powerful words. They were all lifted up and inspired by the noble defense of their great champion Master Nick.

I don’t think many Alphas appreciate exactly how faggots view them. To us, Alphas are superheroes, mythical and all-powerful. We kneel at their feet because we know that we are safe beneath their long shadow. Where we are broken and weak, they are strong and complete. It’s why we worship them and surrender all of our life to them.

Master Nick is an Alpha who does understand the great responsibility he carries upon his wide shoulders. He knows that his faggots are his prized possessions, his favorite puppies. He knows that he is their Master, their King, their God. He knows he is all things to these faggots who have placed their lives in his powerful hands.

And so, on occasion, Master Nick must become an avenging angel, a defender of righteousness. He must right the wrongs committed against the glory of his Kingdom. 

Even when the wrongs are committed by an Alpha brother he trusted.

Any misconceptions anyone had about Master Nick’s expectations within his Kingdom were slashed and burned today. He simply will not tolerate disrespect, cruelty, and mismanagement. He will not tolerate any abuse of his faggots – EVER. 

It’s sad that Alex had to suffer for this point to be made, but now that it has been made, there will never be another question about it. Master Nick’s word is Law, and it will be obeyed. 

Alex will be safe now. Master Nick has returned. His great, powerful arms are wrapped around Alex, his calm, steady care comforting the broken faggot. The storm winds will not toss him anymore, and the rains will never wet him. Master Nick will be his shield and his sword. Where Master Matt and Master Nikola were Destroyer Alphas, Master Nick showed he was the truest Protector Alpha of them all.

Master Nick is what an Alpha should be to the faggot he owns. And it is righteous, just, and good.