This is part of a continuing series chronicling the rise of Apex Alpha Master Matt, a straight male and friend of Alpha Jin who slowly came to understand the wonders of faggot worship. Click here to read all of these posts in order!

Let me just say something up front. Last night a virgin faggot named Tommy was caged by Master Matt. Of course, Master Matt, Master Nick, and Master Jin have all caged plenty of faggots at this point, so that in and of itself isn’t earth-shaking news.

But, as always in life, the true power of an experience lies in the details. And last night the details turned the caging of a faggot into an experience nobody will ever forget.

I’ve been hinting around lately that Jeremy, one of the two talented and loyal faggots of Master Matt, had befriended a slender, effeminate kid named Tommy. It was clear from the first picture I saw of Tommy that he was not only a faggot, but also a faggot that Master Matt would eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It was also clear that Jeremy was playing wingman for his Master, gently guiding Tommy toward his destiny as another faggot for Master Matt to own.

Jeremy did a few things absolutely right in this process. Firstly, he talked positively about the experiences he’s had as Master Matt’s faggot – this was eye-opening for Tommy. But even more shocking was when Jeremy showed Tommy his chastity cage. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Tommy was fascinated by the cage, and wanted to know all about it.

Then Jeremy took Tommy to Master Matt’s home, where proper introductions were made. Like all faggots who meet Master Matt, Tommy was instantly smitten. They invited Tommy over for dinner early in the week, and Master Matt invited Tommy over for dinner again Saturday with the strong indication that Tommy would be caged for a trial run.

So there was a frenzy of activity over the next few days. Tommy completely shaved himself smooth (a great sign) and was asking a lot of questions. A LOT of questions. Meanwhile, Master Matt went out and purchased two chastity cages, a clear one and a pink one. He intended to allow Tommy to pick which one he wanted (a moot point since Tommy loves the color pink), a move that was already unusual for Master Matt.

Then Saturday night arrived. Tommy went over to Master Matt’s condo. In attendance were Master Matt, his straight Alpha friend Sir Kyler (for observation purposes), Jeremy, and Michael.

Tommy came into the condo, knelt before Master Matt, and kissed his feet (good boy!).

From here, I’ll let Tommy describe what happened:

When I arrived I could see my new cage on the table and I went week at the knees, but I was able to pull myself together.

Master Matt told me to sit at the table with him and Kyler. Jeremy and Michael served us drinks and dinner. All the time Matt was telling me all the house rules for use faggots. It was one of the best feeling I have ever had. And if I agreed to all the rules I could get my cage. The big one is chastity No one is allowed out off there cage and only when supervised by Master Matt.

Then after dinner Matt asked me if I was ready to become one of his faggots. I said please Sir. “Well we better get you caged then” said Matt.

Matt told me to get undressed and come meet every one to the living room. I felt a little embarrassed but I did as I was told. Matt told me go pick out the cage I would like to have. There was a card with my new cage it said “Those who never dare to jump will not learn how to fly“.

OMG it made this faggot cry.

Let’s pause here to take in this picture of the display Tommy is describing:

“Those who never dare to jump will not learn how to fly”

I cried when I saw it, too. An overwhelming moment for sure!

I was so ready to be caged at this point. I picked up the pink cage and took it over to Matt. Kyler was sat next to Matt at this time as Matt started to put my cage on. Matt checked that the ring was the proper size for me. Then before I knew what was happening my cage was locked.

After I got my cage on Matt made me turn round and show him and Kyler my pussy. Matt said to Kyler “Now that is beautiful don’t you think?”

Then Michael came out of the kitchen with cake to celebrate. I went to sit down at the table but Jeremy said NO faggots do not sit at the table with the men. So then it sunk in I was Matt’s caged faggot now.

So after cake and some small talk Michael and Jeremy took Kyler into the other room. And I got to sit on the couch next to Matt. Matt put his arm around me. I was melting inside at this point. He pushed my face down into his crotch. I thought I was going to get dick but No just got to smell it.

After about 30 mins Kyler and my brothers came back in the living room. Kyler said “that was mind blowing” to Matt.

I was then told to go help Michael clean up in the kitchen while Kyler and Matt hung out together in the living room and Jeremy served them drinks.

I got to stay the night and slept in the room with Jeremy while Michael slept with Master Matt.

A most incredible experience, easily the greatest caging I’ve ever heard of before! But before I go farther, I want to highlight two other significant developments.

Serving Sir Kyler

In Tommy’s recollection of the evening you might remember him mentioning that Michael and Jeremy took Sir Kyler into a private room.

Well Sir Kyler laid down on the bed and the two faggots began giving him double-mouth oral service and worship. Needless to say that Sir Kyler was blown away, and after 30 minutes of worship Sir Kyler pumped a massive load straight down Jeremy’s throat.

Sir Kyler came out of that room bewildered and transfixed. So much so that Sir Kyler asked Master Matt if he could take one of the faggots home to use at his house overnight!

Master Matt refused Sir Kyler’s request, but only because he didn’t want any of his faggots out of the house that night (The reason for that will become clear in a second). Master Matt definitely wants Sir Kyler to experience fucking and breeding a faggot, but he’s only going to allow it under his own roof. Wise move!

The Near-Cunting Of Michael

Master Matt had Jeremy sleep with Tommy to help Tommy acclimate to his cage and his new surroundings. I thought that was sweet.

But Master Matt is still a Man, and the caging ceremony got his testosterone pumping. So if Tommy was awake at all he probably heard Michael wailing from the brutal, rape-like fuck Master Matt gave him. When Master Matt popped open Michael’s second ring, he yelped loudly to the point Master Matt thought he’d hurt his prized faggot.

But Michael was fantastic, just nearly cunted.


While I view this story as primarily one about Tommy submitting to Master Matt and becoming his owned property, this story is also about the ascension of an Apex Alpha to Godhood.

I think this is the most beautiful caging story I’ve ever heard. Maybe the most beautiful one I’ve ever imagined. The depth of perception, control, emotion, and focused power on display here astounds me.

I never imagined this from Master Matt when I first met him. I didn’t think he had it in him to show this level of empathy and gratitude toward the ownership of faggots. I feel so ashamed that I underestimated him so badly.

Master Matt has grown so much this year that it takes my breath away. He is not the same Alpha he was when we first met, nor is he the same Apex Alpha who began taking a lead in the development of faggot ownership.

No, he’s beyond that now. He’s become a god. Like god, Master Matt has overwhelming power and keen instincts. But he also shows empathy for the weak and consideration for the lowly. He’s able to take entire worlds upon his broad shoulders and carry them to safety.

Just look at this caging ceremony from last night, perfected by Master Matt for all time! He’s so far beyond the works of other Alphas that he can barely be seen anymore!

I am so very lucky to be his faggot. He and Masters Nick and Jin have changed my life forever. I wear a cage to honor them for a reason.

Thank you Master Matt for leading the way and inspiring both Alphas and faggots to jump, so that they can learn to fly as high as you have!

And welcome to the family, Tommy the faggot!