The Case Against Donald Trump

Donald Trump is cultural poison. His stupidity, racism, xenophobia, cruelty, boorishness, and narcissistic selfishness have bankrupted and splintered America.

Now it’s costing American lives by the thousands.

States have been abandoned by a Trump Administration eager to avoid any blame for mishandling the growing crisis. Trump wants people to think he’s not to blame as the head of the world’s wealthiest nation for the lack of tests and protective equipment.

But Trump’s own words condemn him utterly.

This isn’t “fake news,” Trumptards. Your fucking orange god is a charlatan, a carnival barker, a snake oil salesman. He’s lying to you, and to the people dying on his watch because of his incompetence.

The tape doesn’t lie. This horrific mess has been caused the single most corrupt creature ever elected to such a high office. Everyone who voted for him and (even worse) continue to support him share in the blame for this catastrophe.

Watch, and be shamed forever: