This thread follows the true story of Master Ahmed, a straight 21-year-old Apex Alpha who has discovered faggot ownership. CLICK HERE to read all of the posts in this thread in chronological order!

Things have continued to intensify between Master Ahmed and his faggot Valentin. The faggot (of course) loves being the collared faggot to an Arabian god.

Three days ago, we went shopping and I chose some very feminine clothes for him. I love it when I display him outside with his collar and his slutty outfits : it asserts My ownership over him haha. He’s getting more and more obedient : I think it excites him to be bred by an Arab Master, as his hairless European body is naturally submitted by my Arab cock.

In that same email came this:

However, my relationship with a girl has been getting quite serious for some months. I fear fag valentin may be, at some point, a problem. I’m thinking of the ways to make my ownership of fag val (as I call him haha) sustainable without hampering my sentimental life.

This was a surprise to me. I didn’t realize he had been seriously dating a female. I furiously hammered out an email extolling faggot worship and imploring him not to give up Valentin. Master Ahmed answered my entreaty this way:

I’ll never turn my back on fag wrorship sam. However, I thought I’d talk to my girl about it. She’s quite jealous in fact, she want my Dick for herself only haha. To be honest, if I had to choose between a regular girl and no fag or multiple chicks and fags, I’d chose the second option haha.

I was somewhat relieved by that, except for the part about talking to her about Valentin. Females can sometimes be hellish in those situations.

But like any Apex Alpha, Master Ahmed fearless plunged ahead!

I talked about fag Valentin to my girl and she was quite puzzled : she asked me to stop using him haha. So I dumped her haha, and, the following day, I fucked the hell out of another chick I met in class haha. Soooooo good to be a Man, sam.

Indeed! Master Ahmed is one of the most unrelenting Alpha Breeders I know.

In fact, his fucking of females led to an interesting discovery for Master Ahmed:

The other day, I made fag valentin swallow the cum out of the three full condoms I used with a girl. he loved it so much he even licked the condom itself. this is disgusting. do you think i should humiliate him more frequently by letting him watch when I fuck pussies ??? he always begs to clean my Dick after I’ve fucked girls.

Of course faggots love anything that comes out of their Master’s cock. Even better, faggots love to be a part of their Master’s virility and taste the fruits of his conquest.

But even after all of the females he’s been fucking and the constant breeding of Valentin, Master Ahmed still needs more.

I’ve been lately seeing a guy I met at university. Very muscular and “manly”. Turns out he was hungry for cock haha. It was a real delight to turn him into a pure whore. Surprinsingly, as soon as I began to fuck him, he started to call me “Sir” haha. Being an Alpha is so good, sam. I really thank you for letting me discover this world. In a way, I feel really grateful.

The “seeing a guy” part sent up a red flag for me.

I’m not dating him haha. But why not ! I don’t know : for now, I love breeding him and taking his lovely bubble ass. But I must admit he’s quite funny haha. I first knew him three days ago at a party. Very muscular, very good shape, some chicks were turning around him, but I noticed he kept looking at my bulge -I’ve been wearing underwear with an extra large front pocket to show my Cock . Then, you may easily guess what follows, sam ! He follows me to the bathroom, and then sucks the hell out of Me. I gave him my number and he called yesterday. He came at my flat : we discussed a bit and I found out that his girlfriend is one of my regular hook-up haha. I think it turned him on a lot. How did I enslave him ? In fact, it was very easy, I did not make any effort. He was already completely obsessed by my Cock.  In fact, I looooooved enslaving what looked at first sight as an Alpha man. In fact, he’s such a hungry whore ! As I told you, as soon as I put my Cock in his bueatiful ass, he started calling Me “Sir”. However, I wanted to check if he was an authenticly submissive fag : I spilled my jizz on the floor and asked him to clean it ! He made it instantly ! I must admit it, sam, I was quite impressed. Do you believe it ? I’ve not talked about it with fag val. I do wathever I want sam, and I don’t care if valentin is not ok with that. With that being said, I think he’ll be ok haha. 

Now Master Ahmed is mulling the possibility of dating this new faggot!

The world is full of opportunities for Apex Alphas!