One of the common issues I see with many Alphas is this internal fight they wage over the standards and expectations society places on those labeled as Alpha. It’s everywhere; in commercials, posters, magazine covers, this image of the Alpha Male as a muscular, square-jawed superman with flawless hair and smooth, sun-dappled skin.

It’s an unrealistic portrayal of Manhood. Very few Men look like these ideals and, worse yet, are made to feel unworthy and ashamed to be called an Alpha because they don’t measure up. Even more disgusting, there are actual faggots – FAGGOTS! – telling these great Men that they can’t be Alpha. It’s awful.

The younger generation of Alphas are especially susceptible to this type of insidious and demoralizing programming. It’s like being told you’re bad at sex before you ever start fucking. These young Alphas look at media standards of Alphahood and hear the stupid chatter of faggots and feel unworthy.

I received a letter from a young Alpha named M who is facing this very dilemma. Here’s what he said:

Hi sam. I’m M from India. I’m quite young, will turn 17 this year. I lost my virginity at age 15 to a man and since then have met numerous men for sex. I’ve never really been with a woman ( it’s very difficult here in India). However majority of my fantasies have been of girls. I’ve always been on top, never bottomed (and I don’t think I will soon) and have been told I’m quite rough in sex. Tried to suck a cock once, ended up almost vomiting from the first lick. I found your blog back in November, and reading the stories of various guys has led to numerous jaw dropping moments. Tho, I don’t think I fit in ur description of an alpha( handsome, big dick, cocky, Athletic).I just wanted to ask you that is it possible that I’m just a straight guy who just fucks guys coz that’s the only way I can get enough sex often, or that I’m bi or possibly gay? I’ve not seen a guy in about 2 months now since I got a girlfriend and due to studies, but I often think about those times when I destroyed those guys asses. I even downloaded Grindr once to just get a guy to fuck but stopped myself before it happened.

To my eyes, M is undoubtedly an Alpha in the making. The negative reactions to sucking dick and the disinterest in bottoming definitely indicate to me that he’s Alpha. Yet here he is, struggling to accept his Alphahood due to these external pressures.

I wrote this in response:

It’s pretty clear that you ARE Alpha. This idea that an Alpha must be handsome, well-hung, cocky, and athletic is poisonous to so many Men like you. How can a real Man who isn’t a mirror image of some imaginary “ideal Alpha” possibly reach those expectations? I can’t help but wonder how many Alphas have given up on their Alphahood because they aren’t bodybuilders or hung like an elephant. 

I don’t want that to happen to you, Sir. Virtually everything you’ve said in your letter screams Alpha. More specifically to your point, I think you’re a straight Alpha who needs to express his raging Alphahood on faggot pussy. This is common, Sir … in fact, I was talking to another straight Alpha who enjoys using faggots earlier tonight. It’s not that you are sexually attracted to males as much as you are addicted to the POWER of fucking males. 
But have no doubt – you are an Alpha, Sir. You were born Alpha, and it cannot be lost. 

I recommend that you start owning and using faggots on the side so that you can at least get some relief and the worship your soul craves, Sir. I promise, if you exert your Alphahood and tap into the true power within you, everything will fall perfectly into place

Thank you, Sir!
sam the faggot

True Alphas will eventually overcome these pressures as their Alphahood matures and becomes seasoned with life experience. But how many other young Alphas are like Alpha M who have the urge, but are unsure what they should do with it?

Far too many.