This is part of a continuing series chronicling the rise of Alpha Matt, a straight male and friend of Alpha Jin who slowly came to understand the wonders of faggot worship. Click here to read all of these posts in order!

The final step in Jeremy’s journey to officially become Master Matt’s owned faggot happened the other day. Master Matt mounted Jeremy and cunted him.

Cunting is such a special moment between an Alpha and his faggot. It’s like when an animal imprints on something. Cunting is the line separating the life of a faggot into two parts: one part was the life it once had and its attachments, and the new part filled with a blessed life of service to the one who cunted it.

Now Jeremy has been forever altered.

Jeremy told me of the experience:

It was amazing. Matt told me to get ready so Michael helped me. Then when I was all clean Michael took me into the bedroom and put me in the bitch position and put the jug of gun oil to the side of me. Michael then went into the living room and said to Matt “it’s ready for you Sir.” Matt came in a few moments later. He was naked and already hard and ready to fuck. He took his time lubing up his cock. My hole was begging for dick by this time. But then it went in Balls deep on the first stroke and it took my breath away in a nice kind of way.

We fucked like that for several minutes, then he put me on my back. He slapped my bum hard and said “hold the legs up faggot!” The fucking went on, then Back in the bitch position. Then I think I passed out for a few seconds my clit was so wet and then Matt shot the biggest load ever into me. Now my pussy feels like it needs a dick in all the time!

Jeremy had an anal orgasm from the cunting, one “different from the ones from my clit” and the best one he’s ever experienced.

Meanwhile, Master Matt was proud of his latest cunting.

It felt like I shot one of my biggest loads of all time. Cunting a faggot is one off the best things.

It’s so amazing to me how straight Alphas like Master Matt can enjoy cunting a faggot so much. I think there is an element of pride involved for them, much the same way they feel pride when they impregnate a female. The pride stems from their ability to TRANSFORM another person with the power of their Alpha cocks. In the case of impregnating a female, he transforms her into an incubator for his progeny. And in the case of a faggot, cunting totally pulverizes the last aspects of masculinity out of the faggot and permanently changes it into his slave.

The ability to transform another human is pure POWER.

So now Master Matt owns two caged and cunted faggots! What an honor to his Apex Alphahood!