This is part of a continuing series chronicling the rise of Alpha Matt, a straight male and friend of Alpha Jin who slowly came to understand the wonders of faggot worship. Click here to read all of these posts in order!

In the sexual life of a Man, there are many momentous events. The first masturbation episode, the first orgasm, the first blowjob, the first fuck. The greatest, of course, is impregnating a female and creating life. But somewhere near that peak achievement is the act of cunting a sub male.

Why do I place it so high? Because cunting involves a Man using his dick to absolutely take away the last vestiges of a faggot’s “maleness” and giving it a full-fledged pussy through the sheer power of his fuck. That ability to completely transform another male into a grateful slave through a sex act is pure power unlike any other expression of power in a Man’s life.

So congratulations are in order to Master Matt, who achieved that last night when he cunted his faggot Michael!

Master Nick and I knew all week that Master Matt was planning to cunt Michael this weekend, and we were both in the background talking about what we should encourage or discourage as the moment approached. We were both very excited to witness Master Matt take that last step to complete ownership of his faggot.

Frankly, I think Master Nick was more excited than I was! Friday night Master Nick’s sex drive was raging (I think because of Master Matt’s impending moment) so he went through the house and cunted all four of his faggots! It was a monumental fuck, too. At one point halfway through it little Alex contacted me to tell me what was happening, and he described it like Zeus had just come down from Mount Olympus to rape four faggots. Master Nick has this post-fuck habit of walking around the house naked with his massive, hard dick swaying back and forth while the other faggots cower with a mixture of fear and excitement. Master Nick can be a Beast with the best of them!

Anyway, I’m getting distracted. So little Michael gets a text from Master Matt Saturday morning instructing him to be ready when he gets home. So Michael flew into action, cleaning himself thoroughly and putting on Master’s favorite pair of panties.

Master Matt walked through the door carrying flowers (“faggots love that shit” he said). Michael was there kneeling at the doorway. Michael began worshiping Master Matt’s feet (which he loves) while Master began to get undressed.

Then Master Matt took his faggot into the bedroom. There, he had Michael start sucking his dick while he fingered Michael’s hole. Michael said he could taste his Master’s pre-cum, and it got him so excited that he began leaking cum from his cage.

Master Matt then got up. “Show me that pussy, boy,” he said, and Michael immediately got himself in “the bitch position,” ass high in the air. This really turned Master Matt on. “Let me tell you,” said Master Matt, “when he gets on the bed and puts his pussy up in the air it looks so fucking hot.”

So Master Matt mounted his faggot from behind, slowly entering his hole. Soon Master Matt was pounding away on Michael. He flipped the faggot around in a couple of different positions before finally settling on missionary (otherwise known as the cunting position) after about an hour of continuous fucking.

And then it happened. “I could feel something happening inside me,” said Michael, “a shock wave of pleasure going through my whole body.” Then Michael mentioned a phenomenon that is less understood. “My pussy started to fuck masters cock on its own.” This convulsion – part of the “cunting orgasm” we experience – can be a little jarring the first time it happens because it’s so outside of our typical experience as males.

Then, according to Michael, Master Matt shot the biggest load yet “deep inside” his brand new pussy! “It was like nothing I have ever had before,” said the ravished faggot afterward.

After the cunting was done, Michael was like a brand new faggot. “I can see why we are caged now … I love my cage,” marveled Michael, suddenly seeing the wisdom behind it. He also noticed that his well-fucked pussy was changing shape and beginning to look more like a female pussy.

“Sam, I have changed so much in three weeks!” said Michael in a daze.

Michael was complaining that his pussy feels empty now that he’s been cunted, so I encouraged him to wake up his Master and ask him to fuck him again. And that’s just what Master Matt did!

After that fuck, Master Matt was bragging about how much his faggot needs his dick and how much he loves the look of Michael’s new pussy. I reminded Master Matt that the power of his Alphahood and the power of his dick accomplished that transformation.

“My powers are endless,” crowed Master Matt confidently.

You see, cunting isn’t just a transformation of a faggot. It’s also the transformation of an Alpha into a god!