This is a thread about a faggot named Silas who has been enslaved by an older Alpha named Riley. CLICK HERE for all of the posts in this thread in chronological order!

The cunting of a faggot is a specific and very special act. It involves the application of a Man’s power to utterly transform a male into what we might call a THIRD GENDER.

A faggot exists outside of what we traditionally understand about gender. It is not male, not female. It doesn’t have autonomy. It exists as a valuable piece of property useful for the pleasure and satisfaction of its owner.

Cunting is the moment a Man forcefully transforms a sub male into a truly owned faggot. He lays claim to that faggot’s soul and life. In that moment the faggot loses its identity as a male forever.

That’s powerful!

Cunting is different for every faggot. Some pass out. Some convulse uncontrollably. Some become very emotional, as if a dam within them was suddenly punctured and waters of emotion burst forth.

I’ve written about my own cuntings, but my favorite depiction so far came from Sir Titus after he cunted his former faggot Cody (CLICK HERE).

But now comes the amazing description by the fag Silas about his recent cunting by his Alpha, Master Riley. Let’s get into it:

We were expecting a big blizzard up in Canada so Daddy Riley instructed me to pack a bag and that I would spend the weekend at his place. We would both be working from home this week as well so if the weather continued to be awful, he said I could stay at his place. Anyways, I packed a bag with enough clothes, underwear, my PrEP, toiletries, and he picked me up and we headed to his place. It was a fun weekend. We cuddled, watched movies, cooked together and each caught up on some reading. The weather truly sucked outside so cuddling and staying warm together over the weekend was absolutely wonderful.

Don’t get me wrong, though – there was plenty of sex and fucking. As you know, I am currently locked up in a black Holy Trainer Nub and recently, I gave my spare key to Daddy Riley. Initially, he had one key and I had one (in case of emergencies) and we only unlock once weekly for cleaning and shaving purposes. Now that he has both keys, I feel liberated in the sense that all temptation to unlock myself is removed. The thought does not even cross my mind anymore. Once a week, he unlocks my cage and cleans my clit thoroughly. Interestingly, it does not get stiff when he does this. It is basically now just an appendage that I pee out of and does not serve much of any other purpose. With Daddy’s permission, I am allowed to sneak a finger in the cage to soap it up and clean my clit throughout the week. With Q-tips and a blow dryer, I can ensure I maintain proper hygiene in addition to our once weekly cleaning sessions.

Anyways, I was telling Sam that on Sunday night, I had my first prostate orgasm while in chastity and he encouraged me to write about the experience. On Sunday night, I began to service Daddy’s cock. He was sitting in his chair (almost a throne) and I was kneeling before him on my knees. He was drinking some wine and watching TV while I serviced his cock. This involves worshipping his cock and his balls with deepthroating, gagging and begging for more.

I also love sniffing his groin, sucking his fingers and worshipping his size 13 feet. After about 30 minutes, he directed me to move to the bedroom and present my pussy. I bent down on the bed in the bitch position, presenting my pussy to him. He ate me out and the feeling of his beard on my pussy was amazing. I have begun shaving my pussy and my taint and find that area so sensitive especially when I feel his beard rubbing against that area. My clit, of course, began leaking. I leak a lot. He then proceeded to fuck me in different positions and deposited two loads up my pussy. We fucked in doggy then I rode him with him pumping me hard and thrusting up inside my pussy. He then flipped me over on to my back with a couple of pillows under my lower back. His cock has an upward curve so in this missionary position, his cock rubs against my prostate nicely. He continued to fuck me and I was a bitch in heat – moaning, whimpering and begging for more. He stuck his fingers in my mouth and took my left hand and brought it to my taint and told me to rub that area like a girl rubs her pussy. I used two fingers and applied pressure and rubbed that smooth area. My clit continued to drool and leak like a faucet. He continued to fuck me and told me he could feel my pulsating prostate. He continued to repeat the same motion over and over again while fucking me. I began to feel very warm and began to bliss out. Daddy later told me I had a very glazed look. I felt light and as if I were floating. I felt very warm. This warm sensation was in my pussy and spreading outwards to my fingers and toes. He bent my knees and folded my legs so the soles of my feet were against each other and he began sucking my toes while continuing to fuck me with the same motion, over and over and over again. He commented on my neon orange painted toe nails from my recent pedicure (Daddy is in charge of picking my toe nail color).

My clit was completely soft and of course, I was locked up in my Holy Trainer Nub. I told Daddy it felt like I was going to pee and he continued to fuck me, suck my toes, rub my feet and encouraged me, saying things like, “Cum like faggots are supposed to cum!”, “Cum for Daddy!” and “Keep rubbing your pussy like a girl!”. Then it happened. I felt like I was floating, my eyes began to water and I was tearing up. It felt like I was peeing but cum was oozing out of my clit, leaking down my balls. I was overwhelmed and began moaning and screaming. I don’t know if other faggots have encountered the same thing but when I feel precum (and now cum) ooze through my clit, I feel that inner sensation so much more now with my clit being in chastity. Daddy shoved his fingers in my mouth to soothe me then leaned down and kissed me, telling me “Good faggot!” and “That’s the only way you will cum from now on and only when I let you”. I was in heaven.

I slept like a fucking baby last night.

All of the classic “symptoms” of a true cunting are here; the sensation of floating, the warmth, the feeling of needing to pee, the overwhelming out-of-body experience.

Silas also had tears, which is similar to Cody (although not all faggots weep while being cunted). I do believe some faggots are so shaken by the experience that it unearths deeply buried emotions.

I’m so proud of Silas for his faith in the process of submitting himself to Master Riley to the point that this incredible moment could happen for him! I’m also grateful that he preserved it in writing so it might instruct and inspire other faggots!