“Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” (1 Peter 5:6,7)

The following story is about true love.

It’s not true love in the way we typically think of the phrase; a Man and a woman fall in love, create a family, and live in a traditionally-styled happily-ever-after. It’s not a true love built of romance and fleeting flashes of steamy passion.

Instead, it’s a true love built of principle and discipline, of overwhelming gratitude and humility, of worship and benevolence.

It’s a love that exists between a god and his creation. It is the love that can exist between an Apex Alpha and his loyal faggot.

It is the love of Master G and his older faggot Jamie.

I first met Jamie here on the site through a series of questions about chastity. Then Jamie took a risk and reached out to me via email, and took me by surprise.

I’m the faggot who’s been getting advice from you on how to shrink my fat stupid cock into a little clit.I want you to know how grateful I am for your kindness, and also for your site. It’s been opening my eyes to a whole community – a whole way of life that I didn’t know was as widespread as it is, even though I’ve lived that life as a very fortunate, blessed faggot slave for 15 years now.

I wasn’t sure I should write to you though. My Master likes keeping our arrangement very private since He is straight and is now recently married. Also, there is a huge age difference between us that many people would strongly object to. I just listened to the story about Master Kyle and his young faggot, and it was so beautiful! Our situation is similar only reversed. My Alpha is 35 years younger than I, and He first raped me (I think you call it cunting? I like that better) when I was 49 years old. So if you do the math you will know why my writing to you has to be confidential. I really should have asked His permission to contact you at all, but I so wanted the cage to be a surprise for Him. If He likes it it will be worth any punishment He gives me.

So let’s do that math.

There is a 35-year age difference between them and Jamie was “raped” by Master G when Jamie was 49, so that means Master G was 14 years old when he took possession of his faggot Jamie.

And since Master G has owned his faggot for 15 years, that means Master G is now 29 years old and his faggot Jamie is now 64 years old.

As startling as that age difference might be for some, Jamie’s next comments made it clear that, Hierarchically-speaking, age is meaningless when it comes to Alphahood and faghood.

I also liked you dealing with the idea of being “in love” with an Alpha. From the first time He took me I have been devoted to Him and in lost in love with Him. I know even if he were gay He wouldn’t be able to feel the same way, which is why I am so grateful that he lets me love Him. I thank Him every day for LETTING me love Him. His attention, His discipline, His mastery and dominance, even His raping me have all been acts of kindness to me and I think He has the biggest, most generous heart in the world to allow me to worship Him and serve Him. I feel like faggots need to know that alphas don’t NEED us. They are superior in every way and can navigate through their lives effortlessly and successfully without ever using a faggot. When they do use a faggot, whether it be sexually, financially, for service, worship, physical abuse, or humiliation, it is clearly an act of charity, and kindness, and just shows the generous spirit of the true Alpha male.

Just a stunning declaration of absolute devotion!

So of course I wanted to know how this straight Alpha of 14 managed to take a much older faggot.

And it’s spectacular:

He was doing volunteer work at a thrift shop in town. They also have a little coffee shop attached and I spent a lot of time there doing crosswords and having a cuppa.When He started working there I noticed Him right away. He’s half japanese and half irish, SOOO handsome and so built even though He is quite short. (5’3″ compared to my 6’1″). He was a freshman wrestler in high-school and super fit and confident. Always wore tight tees that showed off his muscles.

He’d been working there a few weeks and He had noticed me staring at him (I didn’t know I’d been so obvious) and He came up to my table one evening and said his shift was ending and that I was driving Him home. It scared me to death, and I almost didn’t do it, but how can you deny an Alpha anything? Instead of driving Him home He had me take him to this house that He and His dad were renovating together. It was empty and much of the house was stripped down. No electricity or anything. He said his dad had been letting Him camp out there at night and He wanted to show me the work they were doing. When we were inside He grabbed me and shoved me up against a wall and tugged my pants down and cunted me then and there. He said He’d seen me staring and knew I wanted it. I was really frightened ’cause of His age and also thought that He might beat me up or something. I kept saying NO and tried to get away, but He was too strong and I had no choice.

And it would’ve probably ended right after that, except when He dumped His load in me and let me go he noticed that I had cum all over the wall from his fucking! He thought that was “awesome” and decided to keep me there all night, using me over and over, and making me cum no-handed over and over! He didn’t even know it was possible for a guy to cum from getting fucked and it really turned Him on!

Also my age turned Him on. When I instinctively called Him “Sir” later that night He said he liked that. Then He said to call Him Master. Which I did. Then He said to call Him DADDY. When I did that He really smiled big! Then He said, “Good girl” — and something inside me just broke. I was so happy but I started crying. I was embarrassed, but couldn’t stop crying and I thought it was going to weird Him out, but instead He just held me and stroked my hair and kept saying, “That’s my good girl.” And I kept saying Daddy over and over and crying. I’ve never had a moment since that I haven’t worshipped Him.


Now let me just stop here and make an editorial comment. A story like THIS ONE is the reason why I have always maintained that rape is a function useful in Hierarchy.

Yes, Jamie was technically raped that first evening by Master G. However, what Master G did by raping Jamie served two important Hierarchical purposes:

1. It allowed Master G to claim ownership of his first faggot, his first piece of human property. This allowed him to experience the fulfillment of his purpose as a superior Man.

2. It set Jamie free. Finally free.

Notice the aftermath of this marathon rape session. Jamie, swaddled in the arms of his new owner, a young Alpha he now calls Daddy. And Jamie wept tears of joy as his Daddy comforted him.

Absolute fulfillment.

So then I was curious about serving as a faggot owned by a straight, married Alpha. I certainly struggled making that transition in my life, as have many other faggots.

Well, He prepared me well for the marriage. Even when He was a teenager He always said He would be getting married someday. He wants to have sons. He deserves to have sons. He still fucks a lot of other women though. He often brings them here to fuck. It’s exciting to hear them through the walls. He did that all through His college years too at my old house. I paid for many abortions.

But he’s never fucked any other guys yet, even though I can tell there are many who would love that.

Very much Apex Alpha behavior!

So I wanted to understand how things operate between them today. Master G owns several gyms and is heavily into weight training and dietary control.

Daddy makes me train every day. And “supplements”. I was in very poor shape when He took me. Now He’s got me in better shape than I was as a teen! It makes me so proud of Him when I see the muscles He created on me. But He deserves better, so i workout very hard for Him. Still, I’m going to be 65 in a few months. I sometimes worry about when i’m too old to be of use to Him. I hope He will find a fag or fags who will love Him as much as I do.

This is another typical quality of Apex Alphas: they like to take their faggots and make improvements so that the faggot can be the best servant possible.

Not only are they interested in the physical improvements of their faggots, but also their financial welfare. Master G is no exception.

Said Jamie:

I really am so lucky! Why does He keep me? He is such a God and He doesn’t need me, surely. I’ve already given Him everything I own. I already put Him through college and grad school. So He doesn’t need that. And He is VERY successful in His career now. He doesn’t need me at all. The 2 houses are now both in His name. And the cars. All my investments were signed over to Him long ago, and he has complete access to my bank accounts. My pension and social security are direct-deposited into those accounts, and while I do have a debit card to them, I am only to use them for expenses. (Well, and presents for Him).

I am so grateful that he even pays attention to my existence at all. I mean, I am not an attractive man. And I’m so much older. Of course, He has built up my body with training and roids, but I wasn’t that way when He met me. I was a soft, weak, sissy. That was all a gift from Him. And I have seen much younger, much hotter men practically throw themselves at Him and he doesn’t seem to care. As I read more and more of your site, I begin to feel guilty because I am so happy. So many of the faggots seem to feel oppressed and trapped by their Alphas.

For me, His ownership domination and control, even His aggression, are blessed gifts to me that I don’t deserve. And giving Him EVERYTHING has made me freer than I could have ever been without Him. But why he still keeps me . . . well, I am grateful, but it is a mystery to me.

Jamie described to me what typical encounters with his Daddy are like:

My Master stopped by here last night. Whenever He texts I’m to wait at the door on my knees so when He comes in I can drink His piss right away. He usually saves up a LOT for me because He knows how much I need it. And when He feeds me His piss I always look up in His beautiful eyes and He looks down at me and rubs my neck. He also leaves His gym gear for me to wash, and then lets me bathe Him.

So Jamie had purchased a chastity cage without Daddy knowing about it. This is always risky because Master G expects total transparency from his faggots.

When He came in I opened His pants and drank down His piss like always, then I presented Him with the key like I planned. Then I took off my jock and showed Him the cage.

He was so surprised! He thought it was so cool! I showed Him all the other ones I bought and told Him how I hoped to shrink it down to a tiny clit. He was very excited and grabbed my head and spit in my mouth and then kissed me and then spit again and kissed like a dozen times! I was really shaking I was so excited. He hardly ever kisses me!

Then, instead of blowing Him or getting fucked He took me to the bedroom and just wanted to play with it. He fingered my cunty to get me hard, but of-course I couldn’t really get hard so my cock felt like it was going to bust out of the cage. Then He told me to look in His eyes (He always likes me to look in his eyes when I cum) and He fingered me to my first caged orgasm! I think I almost passed out and I made some very strange noises! But cum gushed out of the cage and He fed it all to me with his fingers. Then He started all over again and made me cum 2 more times.

Then He just held me and petted my head and said He loved his surprise.

Such incredible care and true love between an Apex Alpha GOD and his beloved faggot!

Sadly, just as I was beginning to learn some fascinating details about this wondrous, nearly miraculous relationship, I received this message from Jamie:

I have to write this quick. Master is here, in the next room fucking a girl over lunch break. He told me He looked over your site(s) and my emails and decided He wants me to stop writing you. He likes your site very much, and thinks it’s pretty interesting, but He is concerned about privacy and has ordered me to cut it off.


So I fired off a long letter PLEADING directly to Master G (with whom I had not yet spoken) to allow my correspondence with Jamie to continue. At first it didn’t seem like Master G was going to give in to my requests.

But then I released Hierarchy Podcast episode #163 about my incredible Master Matt caging his newest faggot Tommy, and something touched Master G.

And so I then received a message from Master G himself:

This is Jamie’s Master.

He just let me know he’s written to you and I just wanted to make some things very clear so you will understand what is expected of you. Jamie is MY property. He is MY responsibility. He has devoted his mind, body and soul completely to ME and I demand you be respectful of that!

He is also very special. He would never say so, but he is. He might be large and imposing physically, but he has a fragile and gentle nature and I WILL NOT TOLERATE ANYONE hurting him in any way! I am only allowing this because you have been kind to him and you have shown me respect. And I think Jamie needs a friend we both can trust.

So I am saying again, SO I KNOW YOU UNDERSTAND, you MUST respect our need for confidentiality! Understand if that were breached, I’d still be ok. But it could destroy Jamie.

And even though I’m straight, and he’s just my faggot, I trust him more than I’ve trusted anyone in my life. More than my parents. More than my wife. And he trusts me, so don’t fuck this up!

I was breathless reading this. It couldn’t be a more powerful statement if God Himself proclaimed it in a booming voice from heaven!

That was my introduction to what has proven to be one of the most utterly powerful Apex Alphas I’ve ever encountered. There is so much more to discuss that I’m splitting this into two parts.