The following life experience was left in my inbox last night. It is a harrowing account of the grooming of a young boy into a mindless faggot cumdump by a series of truly awful people and circumstances.

Few things I come across truly leave me at a loss for words, but this did.

I reproduce it here as a warning. A cautionary example. This is the real shit happening on the ground, beyond glossy porn movies and sexual fantasy stories on Nifty or FagMaster. These can be the tragic results when we remove any feeling or concern for each other and focus only on what feels right in the moment. Lives can be broken forever, hopeless and lost.

Like this brother.

It was when i was 7yo i was forced to suck a man’s cock. I was 9yo when i was tied to a table and fucked up my ass. Not even old enough to cum myself. I was being used and abused at a very young age. He was a monster and i was scared to death of him. He was a white, older guy. Big beard, really thin, his cock was long and uncut. I remember it like it was yesterday.  He also was selling me to other dirty old men. Every day i had to go across the street from my house to a machine shop and service these men and woman, because he sold me to a woman once. You see, back in the 70’s it was a lot different then it is today. I was 7yo, running around with these skin tight shorts on. They were so tight it use to push my nuts out the side of my shorts if i wasn’t careful. I never wore underwear, i never wore a shirt. Just shorts and sneakers. I had hair down to my shoulders. Long hair. Young, innocent little boy, with a baby smooth ass and the smallest penis you would ever see on a young boy. I was cut but to look at it you would think i was uncut. For some reason it just never grew. So i use to go behind the building. Take my shorts off and play with myself. Like all boys do. There was a door behind this building but it didn’t look like it worked. It was old and junkie. But one day that door popped open and there was an old white guy. Rough looking. I hurried to grab my shorts. He said, O no you don’t you little faggot. He grabbed me by my hair. He pulled me in the building butt naked. He told me he was taking my sissy ass across the street just like i am to tell my parents. I started begging him not to. I pleaded with him. I did not want my parents to know what i was doing. I was scared. He told me that I will do everything he tells me to or he’s taking me home nude. I said, yes sir. I didn’t know what he meant by, i will do anything he told me but i was about to find out. This was a machine shop. It was so loud in there, you couldn’t hear each other talk if you were standing next to each other. He took me in an office room. The very first time he rubbed all over my body. All around my neck, my chest, nipples, stomach. He was squeezing and pulling my butt cheeks, rubbing all over my penis and balls. I now know he was getting himself all horned up. He was doing it very hard. I remember crying. He stood up and dropped his pants. I remember like it was yesterday, he was large, uncut, bent to the right. He told me to touch it. So i grabbed it with 2 hands. He told me to play with it, so i did. He told me to open my mouth, he put his cock as far as he could in my mouth and told me to suck it like i do a sucker. I remember if smelled real bad. It tasted nasty. But, i kept sucking and licking. He lifted me up and stood me on a table. He said, this is how you suck a dick. He put my penis and balls in his mouth and sucked on them so hard it hurt. He had ahold of each ass cheek and was squeezing them and forcing my penis in and out of his mouth. After a little bit he put me on my knees and started eating my asshole. He ate my ass so long that it was raw when he was done. He put me on my knees and had me pull his nuts while he jerked off. He told me to open my mouth, he blew his load in my mouth, it squirted to the back of my throat and he told me to swallow it. I almost puked. But i swallowed it. Then he made me suck his cock clean. He told me to be back at the same time tomorrow. This went on for some time. He was teaching me to suck dick is what he was doing.  So the following week i went over he always stripped me at the door. He walked me in the office and there as a guy in there. Sitting there nude. He told me, you do whatever this guy wants you to. He left. The guy said, come over here little boy and touch my big cock. His cock was very big. Long story short, he sucked me, i sucked him, he ate my ass and while he was eating my ass, he blew his load all over my face. He got dressed, the other guy came back in. He handed him money and left. I now know i was being sold to all these guy.

This went on till i was 9yo. I went to see his, now im 9yo. He made me suck his cock. Then he tied me to a pallet. A pallet is what forklifts lift, with stuff on them. So he tied me to it. Now hes tied me up before but this was a first. I really didn’t think anything. He used a forktruck, lifed me up. He started playing with my butt, spitting in it, touching my hole. Then i felt something wet and cold. Now i know it was lube. He started pushing his cock up in me. I started to scream. But no one could hear me. It was way to loud in here. I never felt pain like i did that day. I laid there screaming and crying the whole time he was fucking away. He did it easy, but easy or not im 9yo. A little butt, never had anything up it, well he put a finger in me a few times and it hurt but not like this pain. I laid there for about 20 or 30 mins while he fucked me. Finally he cam in my butt. I was so glad that he finished. I just couldn’t scream anymore. I had to lay there for about 10 or 15 min. I couldn’t close my legs. My butt hole was throbbing. It was swollen. I could feel it. From then on, almost everyday, i was fucked. In my mouth then he would cum in my ass. If he cam in my mouth he made me swallow it. The pimping me out got to be about 3 or 4 times a week. A woman bought my services. She made me eat her pussy and ass. She sucked my penis and balls. She ate my ass. I sucked her tits. She kept telling me, you have a tiny cute little peepee little boy. Lick mommy’s pussy little boy. I remember her being cute, very small tits. Shaven pussy. I was sold to many guys. He was a freak monster. He tied me up. He would put me over his knee and spank me. He even spanked me in the front. Anything to make me scream and cry. He tied weights to my little nuts. He made me wear my sisters panties. The office was at the front of the building. He would stand in the window and watch my friends play in the street. He would make me get on my knees and suck his cock while he watched the kids play. He use to piss on me, piss on myself. Let other guys piss on me. He called me names like, little prick faggot, worthless little boy, cock sucking pig.

As i got older i get chubby. He would call me a fat little pig girl, fat faggot. This went on for a long time. One day he was sucking my penis and i got off but i had cum come out of my penis. That never happened before. I just got the feeling with no cum, before puberty. Well i cam in his mouth, he spit it in my mouth and made me eat it. I left that day and i never seen him again. He didn’t want anything to do with me once i was able to cum.

I was about 17yo and i was caught with some drugs. Quite a bit. Coke. Well i got 3yrs in prison. When i got sent upstate i was put in a pod with all black men. Now, at this time my penis is only about 1 1/2 inches hard. Like it is now. I was the only white guy in a pod with all black men. In prison you either get with the brotherhood or your a black mans bitch. Well, i got put in a cell with a black man that was doing 20yrs. Now this was back in 1991. It was a lot different then. So the first night i was put in his cell he came back from the shower. I was sitting on the bottom bunk. Scared to death. He walked in and said, what you gonna do honky, you gonna be my bitch. I said, no way and i laughed. He stood in front of me and dropped his towel. I couldn’t believe how big his cock was. It was down to his knee. I big black log hanging between his legs. He told me to pick up his towel. He said, if you don’t I’m gonna knock all your teeth out. I’m already scared of black men. There so much more superior then white men like me. Even thou I’m a big biker type guy. I’m just a little pussy bitch when it comes to real men, like black men. So i picked up his towel. When i did his cock was right near my face. He told me, dry me off cracker. I didn’t want to get hurt so i started drying him. I started at his feet. I did his legs, butt, his back then chest. He said, now wipe my cock and balls off and do it good. I said, yes sir. I lifted his cock, it was heavy and thick. He spread his legs a little, i wiped between his legs. He said, your gonna be a good bitch. He stood in front of me and said, now suck my cock faggot. I hesitated. His cock was uncut and very large. I knew i was in trouble. I begged him to please not to do this to me. He told me, you’re my whore now. You’ll do what i tell you, when i tell you. If you don’t you will get your ass beat everyday until you submit. He grabbed his cock and said last chance, open your faggot mouth. I opened my mouth and he started to fuck my mouth. After 10 min he pulled it out and told me to strip. So i did. He seen my penis and broke out laughing. He made me stand outside the cell, nude and told everyone i was his cracker faggot. And to take a look at this fat fucks honky penis. The whole place, 40 black men broke out laughing. He made me get on my knees and suck him off right in front of everyone. He fucked my mouth, blew his cum right down my throat. This was the first night. I was naked in the cell. Not allowed to wear clothes. Guys came in with a pack of smokes or soups, candy bars. He would sell me to them. The first night i was fucked up my ass 7 times. 7 loads of cum in me. The next morning i woke up to my cellmate, my owner now, sticking his cock up my ass. He fucked me, he blew his load in me. I had to feed him, spoon feed him. Walk to the shower holding his cock, still butt naked. I would get on my knees and wash him, his whole body. One new years eve he let 14 black men rape me. They ran a train on me. I was fucked everyday, for 3yrs straight. Min of 3 guys a day max of 25 to 30 guys a day. I even had to suck off the CO’s. They brought my owner girls panties so i could wear them. The only time i was allowed to get dressed is if i was leaving the floor. If i left the floor i had to walk with the back of my pants pulled down and my ass sticking out so everyone would know my ass was for sale. So if your one of them guys that walk around busting a sag. Stop, it means your ass is for sale. I also have a tattoo on my ass cheek it says, black owned Larry’s property.

I’m 50 now, its still on my ass. I was raped, sexually abused, beat, spit on, pissed on, forced to drink piss, pimped out, smacked and punched. Used as a cracker slave. I know its what i deserve. I bow down to black men and woman, any black men or woman. Anywhere at anytime. Ive given head in walmart, right in the aisle. Ive been fucked in the parking lot at walgreens, as people are walking by. All white men deserve to be used and abused like this. Bow down, tell you girlfriend or wife you need to bow to the black race. All us white men should be castrated. Chop it off and put a pussy there. Its another hole to be used and abused. I have bowed down and kissed feet in public, i was made to bow down and lick a masters spit off the ground in public. We should all be used and abused publicly. Im a true faggot slave for the black race.