This thread follows a faggot named Alexander, an 18-year-old virgin in Luxembourg, as he learns to submit to an Alpha neighbor named Simon. CLICK HERE for these posts in chronological order!

After I posted my first account of fag Alexander’s initial submission to his neighbor Alpha Simon, the faggot was nearly hysterical. It sounded very much like Alpha Simon was gearing up to take Alexander’s virginity.

So I instructed Alexander to shave his ass and pubic hair. I also instructed him to buy some lube (which he didn’t do). I kept reminding him to just breathe, that this Alpha clearly knows what he’s doing and won’t hurt him too much.

So then Alexander received a message to come over to Alpha Simon’s house at 10am.

Then this happened:

So I went over to his house at 10 am yesterday morning. He opened – he was completely naked – and as I went inside he turned and walked away, only saying ‘take your clothes off, boy!’ I took my clothes off, then followed him into his bedroom. He was sitting on his bed, his legs spread and as he didn’t say anything I started to suck his cock. I think, he really enjoyed it, as he was moaning a lot. He had put his hand on my head and guided me, telling me to keep my teeth to myself, and then he grabbed my hair. It hurt a little but – I don’t know – felt somewhat good at the same time. Then he had me lay on the bed, my head weirdly over the edge and he got up and fucked my throat. I found that even worse then when he fucked my throat when I was kneeling, but he seemed to enjoy it a lot. He came into my mouth and told me to keep his cum inside my mouth. Then flipped me around and also came onto my asshole.

When he had finished he asked if I had prepared my pussy for his cock. I (as I wasn’t allowed to swallow) mumbled Yes, but I couldn’t get lube. And he said well, that shouldn’t stop me, should it?I didn’t dare to ask for a condom or about any diseases.

Then he sat back in the bed and told me to go on all fours, with my ass pointing at him. He rubbed his cum inside my asshole first with one finger, like drawing circles, then he put two fingers insideHe said I was a good boy and that I had a beautiful tight pussy. Then I felt something cold on my ass – lube – thank God – I thought, and he slowly worked in a third finger! This took ages. I don’t know how long he kept doing this, but he also kept hitting my prostate I assume and it felt so good and my hand reached for my cock again – he slapped me hard on my ass.











He said softly, but sharp at the same time, if you know what I mean. Very slowly. He said the next time I would touch my clit I would get a spanking. Then he continued doing his thing with my asshole, and

He also kissed my ass stroked it, but his fingers still kept going deep inside. Eventually, I was SO close to cum and I wondered if he would spank me if I came without his permission, but at this point he suddenly pulled his fingers out, and lined his cock at my hole. “Ok, your pussy is ready for my cock now,” he said, and I could feel him pushing inside. He went slowly, leaving me time to adjust, but he kept telling me what a good boy I was. I was so proud!

When he was all inside he started to go back and forth, slowly first, but then getting faster. I can’t even say if it did hurt or not, I was somewhere else. He told me how good my tight cunt felt on his cock and what a good boy I was. I’m ashamed to say that I came – but I came handsfree. A few minutes later he also came, but deep inside my ass. Then we both were laying on his bed, gasping for breath, and he smiled at me and said that he had enjoyed my pussy a lot.

I wondered if I should leave, but he said he needed to place a second load in my pussyWith this he was over me, my legs over his shoulders and before I knew what was happening he was inside my hole again. This time he watched my face all the time while he was fucking my ass.

He came inside my ass again, then he pulled out and he held his still hard cock in front of my mouth. “You know what a good boy does with his Master’s cock, after he brought joy to his pussy?” He asked. Of course I knew what he meant, I’ve been a reader of your blog for three years! But it was so disgusting, thinking about all that was on his cock. “Open your mouth, boy,” He said quietly, “You need to learn to clean a cock. It won’t kill you.” I hadn’t known sex was so messy! I was thankful to you for telling me to clean out properly! I opened my mouth and he shoved it inside. It tasted disgusting, and I thought I was going to puke. All the while he was watching my face, grinning. I think he had fun. When he was clean he laid back in the bed, and he had my head on his crotch and he was stroking through my hair.

He said just to make things clear, he wasn’t my lover or boyfriend. He was much more than that … He was my Master. He would own me, possess me.

From now on I would do everything he would tell me to do, without discussion or talking back. He expected me to respond to his texts within a minute, if he tells me to come to his place, I would do so ASAP, No matter what I was doing. I asked what if I’m back at school. He sighed and said ASAP. Also I must take my clothes off as soon as I enter his house. I must always address him as Sir or Master. I must kneel and look down when he enters a room. He said he might share me with friends, but not now. All the time he was stroking through my hair and that felt so good to me. Then he told me to change the sheets in his bed and go back to my parents.

What an amazing first experience! Alexander was so overjoyed going home that he went and immediately screwed up:

He said I’m not allowed to masturbate without his permission. I did. First thing when I got home.

A few hours passed. Then Alpha Simon texted Alexander and ordered the faggot back over to his house for another breeding. So Alexander ran over there.

I dropped everything and ran to his house. The door was open. I went in, closed it and took my clothes off. He was waiting in the bedroom. I dropped on my knees and looked down.

He said, “Good boy … Now look at me.”

I looked at him and his cock was already hard. “Did you touch your clit?” He asked. I wondered if I should say no, but then I thought he’d probably know that I had. “Yes, Sir,” I said, “I’m sorry, Sir.”

“You came without my permission?” He asked. “Yes, Sir.” I looked down again, feeling ashamed.

“Bend over the bed,” he said, while he was getting up. I obeyed. I remembered what he had said. No discussion, no talking back.

“Good boy,” he said, then he spanked my ass with a brush. I didn’t know a brush could hurt that much!

“I don’t enjoy punishing you,” he said after he had finished, “but you need to be punished when you disobey.” I said “yes, Sir. I understand.”

His cock was soft again and then he told me to get it hard. I sucked him and when he was hard he flipped me over, I felt lube on my hole and he pushed inside. He didn’t go slow this time, and he fucked me more roughly than he had before. He told me not to shower when I get home, he wanted his cum dropping out of my pussy, while I had dinner with my parents. I changed the sheets again and then I went back home.

And then Alexander masturbated again.

(NOTE: Since I began this mammoth article, Alexander has been summoned over to Alpha Simon’s house two more times to service him. I can’t keep up with these updates fast enough. Let’s just sum it up this way: Alexander received a second beating for masturbating, and got fucked three more times).

EDIT: Alexander wrote to me to tell me that he actually ended up staying the night! Alpha Simon let him sleep in his bed! In the morning Alexander sucked Alpha Simon off and then made him breakfast! Incredible!

I’m left stunned by this monumental deflowering accomplished by Alpha Simon. Remember, this all happened because Alexander had the courage to kneel and offer himself to an Alpha! Now Alexander has not only been fucked, but he also has a new Master who has quickly and skillfully taken control of his life!

A few random thoughts:

  1. Alpha Simon is the real deal, a true Master. He performs aftercare with Alexander after some furious rutting. He disciplines the faggot when it commits errors.
  2. Alpha Simon is good for Alexander. He’s already trying to get Alexander to admit he’s gay to the people in his life so that the little faggot’s life with be better. That’s very thoughtful encouragement in a life-building sense, beyond service.
  3. Alpha Simon really needs to cage Alexander’s clit. Now that I’ve experienced chastity, I’m 100% on board the chastity train. It is a complete reinforcement of purpose for a faggot. In Alexander’s case, he’s an 18-year-old faggot who has never been trained. He’s masturbating all the time, and losing interest in service after he cums. He needs to be caged.

This might be one of the most shattering deflowerings I’ve ever heard before. Alpha Simon has thoroughly fucked the body and mind of Alexander the faggot.

Little Alexander told me he thinks he’s already in love with Alpha Simon. I warned him against that, but he’s holding out hope that Alpha Simon will eventually fall in love, too.

Looks like more walls still remain to be knocked down.