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I spent most of yesterday in nervous excitement as I waited for young fag Koko to write me after his scheduled 3pm rendezvous with straight Master Oscar. I already knew what was planned – Master Oscar told Koko he intended to take his virginity – but I was just hoping it would go well. Master Oscar has a big dick, so I didn’t want the brand new faggot to end up in the hospital after the first time.

I had given Koko instructions on how to properly clean out for anal sex, but I had no idea if he actually understood what I was telling him or if he did it. So it was a bit of a white knuckle period of waiting nervously.

Then Koko popped up.

Hello. I survived but I’m destroyed. This man is completely insane. So many rules and demands, but he fucks like a God. You were right. He’s a God.

WHEW! So then Koko began to tell me what happened:

I arrived at his place in time. I rang the doorbell at exactly 3 pm. He let me in and told me to take my clothes off. Remembering what he had told me in the morning I took off all my clothes. Then I was standing in front of him, completely naked, my hands behind my back. He smiled and said I would learn quickly, that was a good start.

Then he stared at my body for a moment and told me to go into the bathroom. He then said from now on my body would be shaved or waxed regularly. He wouldn’t want to see any hair at me except for the hair on my head. He took a shaver and he shaved my crotch!!!!! Can you imagine??? I felt so embarrassed. He didn’t say a word while he was shaving me and when he was finished he told me to shave my legs myself. He watched me.

When I was finished he led me into his bedroom. He said he would take my virginity first, then we would talk about his rules and what he expected from me. I then remembered that I had forgotten to bring the lube and I didn’t know how to tell him, but he told me to get on my knees and get him hard. He fucked my throat for a while and then he told me to lay on my back. I was too afraid to mention the lube when he pushed a finger inside. Then he fingered my hole for an eternity. He didn’t talk, but looked straight into my eyes. He’s got so blue mesmerising eyes, I think he hypnotised me.

I somehow got lost in his beautiful eyes and I only realized he was shoving his cock inside me when it started to hurt and then he was inside. He waited for a while before he started to fuck. But then he got really wild and rough. The animal came out. All the time I was lost in his eyes. Can you imagine? It did hurt very much first but his eyes calmed me and I relaxed. He fucked me for 43 minutes. I looked at the watch. Then he came inside my ass as you had predicted. I then realized that my body was shivering. It was amazing.

Let’s stop here for a second.

I didn’t get enough information about this first fuck to determine if Koko was cunted on his deflowering, but it sort of sounds like he did.

But here’s another thought, this time about Master Oscar. He’s done this before. Surely he’s owned faggots in the past. The shaving of Koko is too advanced for a first-time straight Alpha, methinks. I intend to have Koko ask him about prior experiences.

Then he walked away naked and came back with a glass of champagne for him and water for me. I was still laying on the bed and couldn’t move. He pushed his finger inside my hole and then he fed his cum to me. If you had told me I would eat something that’s coming out of my ass a couple of days ago I wouldn’t have believed it.

“I will tell you my rules now and if you agree you can be my faggot, little faggot,” he said, “If not, then I will have to dismiss you.” He’s got a ton of rules. Here’s what I remember.

Most important rule. I obey and don’t argue.

He wants me to come out to my parents and dress like a faggot. He will buy me clothes that he wants me to wear at school, at home, when I go out…he will decide what I will wear and it won’t be much. The bare minimum.

He wants me to send him a picture of everything I want to eat and get his approval before I eat. Same goes for alcohol, drug, sodas. Water I can drink as much as I like.

I must work out with him every day.

My holes and little dick are his and he decides what goes in. I’m not allowed to touch myself, if I do he will put a cockcage on my dick. One week for the first time, two weeks for the second time, three weeks for the third time…

I must obey every man. If a man wants to grab my balls, ass or wants me to suck him or fuck my ass, I must offer my holes to that man. I’m never allowed to talk back or argue, but I’m not allowed to let boys i like fuck me.

I must be polite to every man and open doors for them and so on. He said even boys younger than I could be considered as men if they behave accordingly and I must do what they want (he has a cousin of mine in mind who’s 14 and a real asshole. I’m sure).

I must always address him as Sir or Master.

These are all excellent rules probably all faggots should follow regardless of their ownership status. However, they again speak to a level of experience greater than the average straight Alpha.

When he had finished talking he fucked me a second time. This time he took me doggy style and I couldn’t look into his eyes.

It was very rough. Rougher than the first. And I couldn’t dive into his eyes, but I felt his hands on my ass and they felt so good. Yeah he was loud. I remember now he called me bitch and faggot several times. He said he was going to knock me up and I swear I wouldn’t be surprised if I was pregnant now.

Then he made me clean his cock and that wasn’t much better than cleaning my sisters juices from it in the morning.

And there it is! Another faggot deflowered by a dominant straight Alpha! It happens every day all around the world!

I love how matter-of-fact Koko is about this incredible life shift. Some of the credit for that goes to Master Oscar, who has clearly taken total control of this faggot with a deft mixture of explosive power and comforting control. He seems to be thinking of Koko’s needs and anticipating any issues.

I have a new development on this story I will wait on for another post.

Still, I’m so proud of my baby brother Koko! It sounds like his sister’s boyfriend is going to make for an amazing Master!