This is part of a continuing series chronicling the rise of Apex Alpha Master Matt, a straight male and friend of Alpha Jin who slowly came to understand the wonders of faggot worship. Click here to read all of these posts in order!

Let me just say this up front: Master Matt is right now the greatest fucker of faggots on the planet. What makes him so exceptional? Well, not only is he built for the physical act itself, but he’s also learned the specific emotional beats that are important to hit in order to get a faggot to embrace its purpose as his property.

It’s a process pioneered by Masters Jin and Nick, but is finding a perfected execution under the powerful control of Master Matt.

It took a while for Master Matt – a completely straight Alpha – to fully understand and implement that process. When he deflowered girls, they were automatically his. But with a faggot, there are barriers beyond the deflowering that need to be opened up as well in order for him to take full possession.

Ordinarily, the deflowering and cunting of a faggot goes in stages; one week of oral training, deflowering and fucking for another week, followed by cunting. It’s designed by the three straight Canadian Masters to lead a faggot into acceptance of its purpose. However, Master Matt had to speed up the process with Tommy because of something wonderful that is happening next week (I’ll talk about it later).

So when Master Matt got home yesterday, he told Tommy that they were going out for dinner together. So Tommy fixed himself up (he’s a bit of a fashionista) and they walked together to a fancy restaurant nearby. Master Matt had lamb chops and pasta, while Tommy snacked on some sides. Then they walked home.

When Tommy got home, the condo was decorated with lit candles (courtesy of Michael and Jeremy). Master Matt told Tommy to get himself cleaned up and to meet him in his bedroom. So Tommy excitedly ran to shower and get cleaned out.

When Tommy came into the bedroom, Master Matt put Tommy on his back with his legs in the air, virgin pussy pointed up. Master Matt took a handful of lube and greased up his nine-inch dick. Then he began to try and enter Tommy.

However, Tommy’s hole was too tight to enter. So Master Matt used a trick he’s learned after taking so many virginities: he licked Tommy’s hole.

Here’s Tommy:

He was trying to push in but my hole was to small. He was trying but it wasn’t happening. Then Master got down and started licking my pussy. Something happened to it. It must have opened up because next time he tried it went in first time. The feeling was unforgettable.

Then Master Matt slowly pushed into Tommy until he was balls-deep inside Tommy’s new pussy.

Then he held his cock there.

Master Matt said he does that to help the faggot “open up”, adding, “that’s the best way to break in a faggot.” What it really does is psychological, too. By holding his cock inside the faggot, Master Matt is forcing the faggot’s mind and body to accept the new, dominant power inside it. This is a very potent technique.

Then Master Matt fucked Tommy with long deliberate strokes (which is very different from how he usually ruts) so that he could enjoy Tommy’s tight hole while also forcing Tommy to get a true sense of the length and width of his powerful Alpha cock.

All the while Master Matt kept telling Tommy he was his faggot and he is a good boy, which helped considerably.

Then Master Matt needed to seal the deal by breeding his new faggot’s pussy. He rammed his dick in to the hilt and pumped everything deep into Tommy.

And when he finally came it was deep inside, almost like he was giving me his cum deep in my soul.

After Master Matt had emptied his balls, he pulled out.

After he was done I had to clean it up. Not waste any seed. Master is very keen that nothing is wasted.

Then Master Matt and Tommy laid together in bed, Master Matt holding his deflowered faggot in his arms as they fell asleep.

Yes he held me tight in his arms all night. I was melting inside when he was holding me last night.

In the morning, Tommy awoke to balloons in the condo to celebrate his deflowering while Master Matt had Jeremy suck him off (Master Matt’s balls have no “off” switch). Today they plan to enjoy a celebratory dinner together as a “family”.

And that, my friends, is how a true owner of faggots not only deflowers a faggot’s pussy, but also its heart, mind, and soul. It is a method of ownership not many Alphas understand or practice, but one that Master Matt has perfected.

What Master Matt has done with all three of his faggots isn’t just about him getting off or even being worshiped (although those are great reasons). He fulfills his Hierarchical purpose by giving his faggots purpose.

Listen to these words from Tommy this morning:

Sam I feel like a whole person. Master Matt has made me whole.

THAT should always be the end result of true ownership!