This is part of a continuing series chronicling the rise of Alpha Matt, a straight male and friend of Alpha Jin who slowly came to understand the wonders of faggot worship. Click here to read all of these posts in order!

The other day my wonderful Master Matt was telling me how much he loved fucking his faggot Michael when he stopped to ask a question.

He asked: “I’m worried that I might be turning gay. What do you think, faggot?”

Of course, there really is no such thing as “turning gay.” We are born with natural attractions and needs that must be satisfied. Once we reach sexual maturity we begin hunting for whatever our genetics tell us we need.

In the case of Master Matt, he’s been hunting and devouring female pussy ever since he produced his first drop of precum. The drive in him has never stopped or even slowed down; in the midst of a deadly pandemic and while also owning a personal faggot he was still dating a fucking females!

Why? Because he MUST do it to satisfy those genetic desires he’s had since birth.

Because he is a STRAIGHT ALPHA MALE.

Still, there is no escaping this fact: Master Matt absolutely loves fucking/breeding Michael, and he finds Michael extremely sexy in those moments when Michael is naked and submitting to him. There are times when Master Matt is so overcome by desire in those moments that he holds his faggot down and pounds it mercilessly like a literal animal.

So what is causing these polar-opposite reactions? The deep submission of the faggot is a macro answer, but if we investigate it more, it most likely comes down to this: the chastity cage.

The sight of a male in chastity evokes many visceral emotions in Men (and particularly Alphas). The first reactions usually involve confusion and curiosity.

But eventually the Man realizes that the caged male is no longer a Man. It is a lesser thing, a faggot. A toy for the needs of Men. When they realize that, it’s like a stoplight turning from red to green on a long abandoned highway. The Man can do whatever he wants to this caged, submissive creature before him and there is nothing that can stop him.

I liken it to tossing a bright, shiny toy into a monkey cage. At first the monkey is cautious, but curious. Then the monkey tests out the toy to make sure it’s safe. Before long that monkey is tossing the toy around the cage with abandon.

Faggots locked in chastity are toys for Men to use.

And Men instinctively know this, too. You might remember the incredible true story I published about Master Seb turning his straight friend Raoul onto the use of faggots (CLICK HERE). Master Raoul wanted NOTHING to do with faggots at all, and kept turning Master Seb away every time he’d mention it. Naturally it wouldn’t interest him because he’s a straight young Man.

Then Master Seb ordered his personal faggot to undress, and Master Raoul saw the faggot’s chastity cage … and a switch instantly flipped! Master Raoul almost immediately pounced (Master Seb’s word) on the faggot and fucked it without mercy!

I think Master Matt is experiencing this effect of faggot chastity on his emotions. Even from the first time Master Matt saw a faggot in a cage, it turned him on incredibly. He had an overwhelming need to pin caged faggots down and breed them.

But it’s not sexual attraction so much as it is the Alpha need to POSSESS and CONTROL lesser objects. He loves mounting and breeding his locked faggot because it reinforces his power as an Apex Alpha; his big Alpha cock is all that matters, and because his faggot is locked he doesn’t need to worry about the sexual pleasure of anyone but himself. As it should be.

There is a reason so many locked faggots get fucked in gyms. The Men there see the locked faggot and know it is meant to be bred by Alpha Bulls. It’s simply an animal reaction, like the monkey and the toy.

Men are programmed for this. It’s primal.

So Master Matt is absolutely NOT gay in any way. He is simply fulfilling his Hierarchical duty as one of Earth’s greatest Alpha breeders. I am SO PROUD of Master Matt for thinking so deeply about this subject and being humble enough to to express his doubts and fears!

And I am so proud to be his faggot, too!