This thread follows the true story of Master Ahmed, a straight 21-year-old Apex Alpha who has discovered faggot ownership. CLICK HERE to read all of the posts in this thread in chronological order!

In true Apex Alpha fashion, Master Ahmed has wasted almost no time expanding his empire of faggot slaves. He’s been expanding on two fronts: (1) in-person owned faggots, and (2) online cash fags. Both scenarios present new challenges for a straight Man just learning exactly what he can really have as a supreme being.

The New Faggot

Let’s start with his new faggot Valentin. The training of this faggot (one that resisted its purpose at first) has been steady, but increasing in detail.

Valentin has been making some progress: these days, I was pleasantly surprised as he has been spontaneously calling me “Sir”, or “Daddy” ! Until now, I did not require him to call Me “Sir”, but, as he did it by himself, I won’t complain. Two days ago, I commanded him to come over to my apartment, and he collected my piss in his blue water bottle. He had to drink it all day long the following day (yesterday)! I think he loved it (as he begged to come to see if I needed to be served). You’ll have to explain to me, sam, what you fags love about Alpha pee. I really don’t get it. I then wanted to have some fun: I commanded him to crawl on the floor whenever he wanted to move around in the apartment: it was so empowering to watch! I really felt like a King. To be honest, I already read your articles on “cunting”: it was very interesting. I decided to try on him. In fact, his (I almost want to say “her” hahaha) hole’s already a good pussy (and God knows I hardly find women capable of taking all my Cock). That was what happened: his cunt was literally WET. He didn’t even have to jerk! 

I insisted that he probably didn’t actually cunt his faggot just yet. Then Master Ahmed added this beautiful detail to his molding of his new faggot:

I don’t know if I completely cunted Valentin. What strikes me most is the fact that he experienced a huge orgasm without touching his cock at all, at the precise moment when he was saying “Fill me, fill me, fill me with your cum Daddy…”. I did check and his hole was wide open with cum dripping out of it, contracting and dilating by itself, as if it was a living species by itself. I don’t believe that I cunted him yet, but with me dicking him down so frequently, it’s only a matter of time, haha. But I don’t want to be rough or hurried: after fucking him and having him clean my Cock, I took him in my arms to comfort him, and tell him how proud of him I was. He has to understand that he’s Mine, and that he doesn’t have to fear anything when I’m here. I’d definitely love, of course, to let you talk with him. However, he does not speak English at all, and, as I already said, he still feels very uncomfortable to assume his submissive relation with Me (in fact, I think he’s in love…). But I understand your approach (I understood that some idiots accuse you of telling fake stories) hope you’re not too rushed to talk to a fag of Mine. Anyway, I’ll soon, in the months or year to come, have more English-speaking fags to train, and you’ll be able to discover Master Ahmed’s subs. After all, my “Kingdom”, as you said, is still in the making, isn’t it? I decided to let you put on you next post a pic of my cock. Moreover, I’ll let you choose between this one, and another I’ll give you when your new post will be ready. Just let me know (and beg Master Ahmed to have it. You won’t have it otherwise). 

So I begged:

Valentin went on a little family holiday, and when he came back he went directly to his Master:

Valentin came back. I still don’t want him caged. But I collared it. Now, he really looks like a pet. I gave him for the night all my dirty clothes of the week, and I commanded him to sleep on them tonight. Right now, he’s cleaning my shoes with his mouth, before cleaning my feet. Tonight, I’m going to breed him : it’s such a pleasure to leave one’s semen in a fag’s pussy, as if it was a female haha. Valentin feels so feminine. 

So Valentin came back, and this happened:

Valentin was completely overjoyed. In fact, when I collared it, it stuck out his tongue like a dog. After cleaning my sneakers, and then my feet, I made it lick my ass. I sat on him, and it was like being a King sitting on his throne. To breathe, he had to sniff my butt, and to breathe while I was farting on him. I commanded him to wear his collar when he is in my apartment or when I am in his. However, I can’t understand this practice of caging a fag… It seems to me quite barbarian. A fag is a fag, sure, but it’s a human too. How is it possible to make such a violent act? I require Valentin not to cum until I tell him (it’s been two weeks it hasn’t) but I can’t stand the idea of caging it…

I was so proud to hear that Master Ahmed finally had his faggot lick his ass. I had been pushing him to try it because I know what it does for straight Alphas.

Now I need to convince him that caging his faggot is the best thing for it. Baby steps, people …

Ahmed The Cash Master

As I wrote before, Master Ahmed was originally not interested in becoming a findom cash Master. He felt it was beneath the station of an Alpha like himself.

Well, that seems to be changing.

Master Ahmed lives in France, and the attention he began receiving from faggots on this site were largely in America. This frustrated him, because he wanted to own them, too. So findom seemed like the best (or only) option.

You’re right, the American fags should be cash fags, as well as the Spanish one. I currently live in France. Try to contact them ok ?, and talk to them about me. I’m getting hornier and hornier about the idea of financially dominating someone. Of course, I’ll add my personal touch. I thought about it and I believe it’s even a condition to a healthy findom relationship. Don’t you agree? 

Yes, I do.

So one of the faggots from this site (living in Chicago) submitted itself and officially became Master Ahmed’s first cash fag. This faggot, Eddie, was immediately enthralled to speak with this straight Alpha and began obeying his commands. One of the first was the demand to receive a pic of Eddie showing its pussy with writing on it declaring its devotion to Master Ahmed.

So now Master Ahmed is officially a cash Master as well!

Master Ahmed wants more faggots to serve him financially. As Eddie has discovered, Master Ahmed is a very kind and thoughtful owner. He could be your owner, too.

While we patiently wait for Master Ahmed to create a Twitter account, any faggots interested in being contacted by this straight Alpha should leave their contact information in the comments below. Believe me, he’s watching at all times and he’s very sharp.

What a joy to be a part of a great Alpha’s rise to ultimate power! I’m a lucky faggot indeed!