This is part of a continuing series chronicling the rise of Alpha Matt, a straight male and friend of Alpha Jin who slowly came to understand the wonders of faggot worship. Click here to read all of these posts in order!

It’s been an incredible year for my beloved Master Matt. When I first met him in the late fall of 2019 he was as fearsome of a Destroyer Alpha as one might imagine ever encountering; muscular, dominant, and blessed with a giant dick. When he discovered the constant availability of faggot pussy, he pounced on it like an enraged lion. His terrifying, rape-like power ruts destroyed multiple faggots, including Master Nick’s faggot Alex.

Then Master Matt disappeared.

When he returned, Master Matt had a renewed sense of purpose. He had been watching Master Nick develop his kingdom of four personal faggots, and he began to see the true possibilities of fag ownership. He wanted something like that for himself.

Then he did something I never thought I would see: he claimed ownership of a beautiful faggot named Michael. And instead of breeding the faggot and tossing it aside like a used tissue, he followed Master Nick’s method of fag development to the letter. Over time, Master Matt became an admirable and honorable Owner of Michael, capable of a level of kindness and care I never imagined I would ever see from him.

Master Matt has become so deeply appreciative of faggot ownership since claiming Michael that he’s decided he wants to own another faggot. So after some searching, Master Matt found a virgin faggot named Jeremy. Smooth and nicely toned, Jeremy is just Master Matt’s type.

There was just one problem, though. Jeremy didn’t think he was a faggot. However, Jeremy took one look at Master Matt and instantly fell for him. Such is the power of straight Apex Alpha males; they bring out the truth in the faggots around them.

So yesterday Master Matt took Jeremy shopping to find a chastity cage together (an unusual step he has never done before). Once they found the right fit, they returned to Master Matt’s place for the ceremony. Jeremy went into the shower to clean himself and make sure he was completely smooth. While he was showering, Master Matt lit some candles and brought out a bottle of wine. When Jeremy emerged from the shower, Master Matt tenderly placed the cage securely on his new faggot. It’s a moment neither of them will ever forget.

Surprisingly, Master Matt did not feed Jeremy his cock or even have the faggot sniff his balls. Instead, Master Matt gave Jeremy some of his used clothes to take home and wash for him. Another unusual step! When I asked Master Matt about this deviation from his routine, he responded that he wanted to take some time breaking Jeremy into his new life.

Of course Jeremy acted just like a typical faggot. He went home and spent the night sleeping with Master Matt’s used underwear, the potent pheromones embedded in the clothes training Jeremy to his Master’s scent. Jeremy later said that the smell was “amazing.”

Today, Master Matt had Jeremy over and allowed his new faggot an opportunity to kneel and smell his cock and balls. Jeremy said he almost passed out in ecstasy. Then both Jeremy and Michael knelt and kissed and worshiped Master Matt’s feet, something Master Matt said was “an amazing feeling.”

Soon Jeremy will be moving in so that Master Matt can really begin Jeremy’s training as one of his faggots!

Like I said at the outset, this kind of care and attention to intimate details was something I never imagined I would see from a straight Alpha like Master Matt, but it’s happening. He’s gone from Destroyer Alpha to one of the best Protector Alpha Masters alive today, all in the space of one turbulent year of change.

For me, I’ve never been prouder to kneel in my heart to this outstanding Man and my King. The world belongs to him, and he is learning how to own it.