The First Live FWA Discord Chat!

Last night at 7:00pm CST Master Titus – one of the legendary figures on this website and a leading beacon of Alpha light on the site’s Discord server – hosted the first ever LIVE Q&A event on the server!

I must tell you, I was overwhelmed by the success of the event. We had a huge turnout, and people were submitting insightful questions to Master Titus, who then provided thoughtful, kindly answers and advice. Shockingly, it went off with almost no glitches, which might be a first for anything with which I’ve ever been involved!

For me, it was incredibly enthralling to finally hear this God-Man speak! I’d always imagined his voice from the forceful and intelligent correspondence we’ve shared over the years, and it not only matched but EXCEEDED my expectations.

This is only the beginning of great new directions for this site and this movement. If you haven’t joined the server, I recommend that you do so. There will absolutely be more events like this one, possibly with outside guests. You’ll want to take advantage of this FREE RESOURCE designed to help you find fulfillment!


Consider joining the Patreon to keep the site operational! CLICK HERE for the search in Google, and the link to the page is the top choice.

Thanks to everyone supporting all avenues of this massive undertaking! It cannot work without all of you!