This thread follows the story of Trey, a faggot who was outed and eventually enslaved by his Alpha co-worker. CLICK HERE to follow this true story in chronological order!

The story of Trey’s subjugation by the Alpha at work really struck a nerve with many faggots in my audience. I guess there are all sorts of reasons why, but the primary reason probably involves the real-world implications of the story. This kind of domination feels more possible to most people. We all know that cocky, upwardly-mobile Alpha that we would serve in a heartbeat. Here is Trey living out this fantasy in real-time.

When we last left off from the story, Trey had surrendered his office to his Alpha, James. This public humiliation crushed Trey while completely empowering Alpha James.

My Alpha is in my office now and I’ve moved to a cubicle.     He smirks every time he walks by.   Because he knows I’ll do anything for him.   I told him about your site so I think he’s been checking it out.     He did set up a rule that if I come to his office I will kiss his feet before speaking.    So I have to do that every time.     He also wants me to come over after work today. 

Then, suddenly, there was a new wrinkle:

Quick update.  He reminded me just now of a time a few months back when I wrote him up for insubordination.  He said I’ll need to be punished for that tonight.   I’m nervous, sam.   I have no clue what to expect tonight.

Trey may not have realized what was coming, but I knew. I’ve been on the receiving end of Alpha retribution, and I could hear in those words the plans forming in Alpha James’ head. Trey was headed for something intense.

Hours later I heard from Trey again.

I just got home.   I took your advice.  I pushed past my fear and accepted my fate.   It was a bit rough.  I went over to his house.   He ordered me to strip and I did.    He then wanted me over his knee and he spanked me very hard.  It hurt so bad.  I begged and pleaded for forgiveness.   I told him he was My superior and I always will remember it.     I was in tears by the end but I still kissed his feet.  Thanked him for correcting me.    And he rewarded me by allowing me to sniff his jockstrap.   I still can’t even sniff his cock but just smelling his jock was amazing.   I tasted all the sweat and I was just in awe of how powerful this man is.   Last night I couldn’t sit.   My ass was on fire.  But I learned a valuable lesson in never disrespecting my superiors again.   I’m desperate to taste his cock.  

What a powerful example of Alpha training!

I want to underline an important point: Alpha James has, to my knowledge, never owned a faggot before. He’s a straight Man. And yet enslaving, owning, and disciplining a faggot is happening naturally. Alpha James’ instincts on these matters are spot-on. It’s like Alpha James was programmed from birth to own and use faggots!

It just really underscores that Hierarchy is 100% natural. Men are built with the natural talent of faggot ownership, and it is just as natural as a faggot’s inborn need to serve.

Trey has become the first faggot to this extremely dominant Alpha, the doorway to an entire new world of worship and service and ultimate power. It’s an exciting time!

I told Trey that I believe Alpha James will eventually use Trey’s throat and, potentially, his pussy. Trey practically passed out at the suggestion. I think that because Alpha James made it a point to train his new faggot on his ball scent. Again, this kind of training is an extremely potent form of mind-control. The use of it in faggot training is advanced stuff, yet Alpha James unleashed it effortlessly from his arsenal. So magnificent!

Trey is very, very lucky to find himself owned by an obvious Apex Alpha like Master James. I hope Alpha James will feed Trey soon and really cement his everlasting power!