I don’t think it’s bragging anymore to crow about the effect this website has had on the lives and sexual adventures of its readers. I’m very proud of the FWA effect, because it’s been able to change many lives and inspire people.

One recent testimonial of the FWA effect comes from a faggot I’ll call Decatur. He wrote me this amazing email about an experience he had:

Hey Sam,

Just wanted to let you know you’ve enhanced my sex life. I was meeting up with this dom top last night for the first time in six months. (Before Covid, we usually connected about every other month). Anyway, he’s uber-masculine, bearded, hairy, very muscular, about 6-2, thick 8 inches. He’s always the top and always gets serviced with no recip. While we’ve been meeting up for about three years now under those unspoken but understood conditions, we’ve never gone any further with the idea.
Last night, while I was sucking him, I told him very briefly about your website and told him I think of him as an Alpha male. He just kind of growled in approval and said “Yeah, I am” and grabbed my head and started throat fucking me. I was trying to get him to call me a fag, but he’s a rather polite and quite person, too, and didn’t say that. I think he thinks I’d be offended. He’s on the quiet side and usually just says things like “keep doing that,” “that feels good,” “you’re good.” Things more of orders or encouragement.

Later, when he was fucking me, it was a very good fuck. But at one point, I told him, “I feel like you’re cunting me.” Boy he loved that. He didn’t say a word, but he went into overdrive on the fuck the second he heard those words. It definitely sent me into the zone — it hurt but I just didn’t care. And I could tell he was enjoying the rut on a new level. That went on about five minutes and he just exploded in me. He stayed buried a couple of minutes, pulled out abruptly, slapped my ass and said, “I just rearranged your guts!” and headed for the shower.

The truths and the words used here at FWA exert such power for two reasons:

1. These are primal truths

2. They are instantly identifiable by all Men

Words and concepts like “cunting” or “faggot” have tremendous power. They hit Men right in the gut. They’re trigger concepts.

Decatur fag’s Alpha heard those terms and immediately went into a powerful rut. I’m sure Decatur fag was shocked by the instantaneous reaction of his normally-reserved Alpha, but in a good way!

Hopefully Decatur fag can continue to apply these concepts and use them to shape his Alpha!