Despite what I often emphasize about Alphas taking things from faggots, I’m keenly aware of how much they give.

And I’m not only talking about dick and cum, sickos.

Alphas build and rule our world. They mend the broken, defend the weak, and comfort the frightened. In my life Alphas have often hovered above me like seraphim, gifting me with guidance and strength.

And people wonder why I worship them!

Sometimes Alphas are so touched by the plight of faggots struggling like newborn pups over smooth stones that they feel the need to lend a large, steady hand. That’s how I would describe what happened to me yesterday.

You see, I recently admitted that I made a tragic mistake in the calculation of shipping costs for the Unequals bracelets purchased by faggots around the world. I was crushed and embarrassed to admit to that.

But an Alpha heretofore unknown to me reached out and offered his steady hand. He said he wanted to make an anonymous donation to cover all of the shipping costs!

So get ready, faggots! Your bracelets are coming!

I am touched beyond words by the selfless generosity of this Alpha who has ordered me to keep his anonymity.

To him, I simply say THANK YOU, SIR! Your generosity has left this faggot pup steadied and speechless with gratitude!

See what I mean about seraphim? Alphas are angels!