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When I’m on Twitter, I often feel like an old prospector from the 1800’s, sifting through endless pans of pebbles and silt in search of one piece of genuine gold. In fact, what I’m searching for is more precious than gold, for my treasure are the pure Apex Alphas buried in the mix of pretenders and wannabes.

When I find one, my faggot heart leaps with joy. Once more, Hierarchy is verified and confirmed.

A few months ago I started conversing with a Latino Alpha in Los Angeles named Adam. He goes by the handle @adamlosangelesx on Twitter, and (of course) has an OnlyFans,

When I first began to talk to him, I was interested in his videos because of his constant verbal interaction with the faggots he used. Videos like this one:

But it quickly became clear that I was dealing with more than just a sexy Alpha with a gorgeous voice and a big dick. He turned out to be an Apex Alpha Master and owner of faggots that exceeded my expectations.

Master Adam first discovered faggots at age 17. Now in his twenties, Master Adam is in the process of building a veritable Kingdom around himself.

I own several (faggots). I have one live in and several that come over at my disposal to serve me in various ways.

Though he’s a gay Alpha, Master Adam’s power extends beyond sexual barriers.

I am gay but have a straight guy who likes to come over and smell my feet. No sex. Yes. Manly dom feet like mine. He’s a prominent successful Los Angeles attorney. He subscribed to my OnlyFans and tips me well for every session. He knows my time is more valuable than his. He lets me use his beach home in Malibu and he watches while I have boys serve me.

While he collects riches from his cash slaves, he is served daily by his live-in faggot. This faggot gets the privilege of sleeping in Master Adam’s room, although not always in his bed.

He does sleep in my bed sometimes. At times I make him sleep on the sofa. Other times I have him sleep in the memory foam at the foot of my bed like a pet. I like my live in boy to know there is space beside me for a boy who can serve me better. Keeps him eager to improve.

In addition to serving as Master Adam’s personal sex toy and domestic faggot, the live-in also works a job.

He is collared. 4 years or so. He keeps track. I don’t. He works to pay for my bills and dining and essentials. He serves me in all ways. Sexually. Financially. And so on.

As Master Adam’s power and empire have grown, he’s found himself eager to free himself from work and start living the kind of life reserved for true Kings, one supported by his faggot slaves.

I work as well, but work less knowing they work hard so that I can live even better. One guy likes to buy me shoes. Only shoes. Others like to get me what I want when I want it. It’s what I am entitled to.

Like many Apex Alphas, Master Adam has very specific demands.

One thing I don’t allow is for my boys to call their boy holes pussy. Not tolerated. Not cunt either. I Fuck boy holes and holes. Not pussy. They’re just a hole.

I asked him if he had his faggots clean his cock after breeding them, and he said:

Always. Nothing is wasted.

Any faggot who wears Master Adam’s collar or receives his seed is very lucky indeed. This is a literal god among Men who, at a very young age, is already building a massive Kingdom of worship around himself.

What’s most impressive about him is that he’s not some meathead with a big dick and an ego to match. He’s simply a natural-born Apex Alpha fulfilling his Hierarchical purpose. He’s accomplishing it with tremendous intelligence and consideration of every detail. Nothing in his Kingdom escapes his notice.

Here is a clip of Master Adam fucking and breeding his loyal live-in faggot. If you’re a faggot, imagine yourself there, serving this powerful King that way!