This is part of a continuing series chronicling the rise of Alpha Matt, a straight male and friend of Alpha Jin who slowly came to understand the wonders of faggot worship. Click here to read all of these posts in order!

I’ve received multiple questions asking for updates on the progress of Alpha Jin, his best friend Alpha Matt, and Alpha Jin’s faggot Chin. Believe me, I’d love to be able to give timely and detailed updates on the rapidly-developing situation, but getting information out of these three is next to impossible. Lots of one-word answers and looooong silences. I devote an inordinate amount of time to this pet project of mine, so to have my requests for information rebuffed or ignored drives me crazy.

[end rant]

Chin the faggot spent the last few days of last week just servicing his Owner Alpha Jin. This was nice for Alpha Jin, as he was able to enjoy Chin’s mostly-undivided attentions and dump two loads a day into the faggot’s eager holes. I say “mostly-undivided” attention because Chin made the independent decision to start doing Alpha Matt’s laundry. I found that to be a curious declaration of allegiance to Alpha Matt, but I let it go.

So as last weekend approached, Alphas Jin and Matt decided to reward Chin’s good behavior with another gang bang. 

Saturday morning Alphas Jin and Matt went to play soccer. Chin spent the morning cleaning Matt’s apartment and then preparing for the fucking of his young fag life. The two Alphas, still filthy from soccer, arrived to find Chin ready for them. They took turns raping Chin’s holes, with Alpha Jin pumping two loads into Chin and Alpha Matt depositing three. 

The Alphas made a conscious effort to ramp up their aggression this time. They would often spank Chin and call him names while they mercilessly used him. Chin was in heaven.

But even after all of that, Alpha Matt said he “still had at least two more loads” he wanted to give Chin. So Alpha Matt ordered Chin to come over to his place the following morning (Sunday) to service him privately (this happened with Alpha Jin’s approval). So Chin went over with some freshly-cleaned laundry, and Alpha Matt dragged Chin into his bedroom and fucked the hell out of the faggot. Afterward, Chin went into Alpha Matt’s kitchen and began cleaning it (!!!). Alpha Matt quickly recharged, bounded into the kitchen, and fucked Chin a second time right there. Then he dismissed the cumrag for the rest of the day.

Chin was in a daze after this. He was lost in subspace, questioning himself and seemingly confused. I had to help Chin focus on the fact that he is doing a tremendous job serving two powerful straight Alphas. It is A LOT of work! I’ve struggled to handle serving ONE straight Alpha, let alone two hungry young straight Alphas in PACK MODE.

I tried to have conversations with both Alphas about the need to show some encouragement to Chin to help build up the exhausted faggot’s confidence. I used the example of a dog, and how positive reinforcement can help a dog’s faithfulness and obedience. While Alpha Jin accepted what I was saying, Alpha Matt was less enthusiastic. To him, Chin is a thing he fucks – the end. While I realize some Alphas are always going to be like that, I found myself frustrated nonetheless. 

Speaking of which, Alpha Matt ordered Chin to come to his place very early this morning for another fuck session. Chin said Alpha Matt did a lot of spanking this time before dumping another massive load in his pussy. 

Afterward, I asked Alpha Matt how he felt now that he uses faggots regularly. 

He said: “Like a God.”

Faggots exist to elevate Men to Godhood. What a privilege!