This thread follows the story of Master Fin, a straight Alpha bodybuilder who has discovered the glories of fag ownership. CLICK HERE to read all of the posts in this thread in chronological order!

One of the best adjustments I’ve ever made to this site is the ASK A QUESTION feature. It allows me unfettered access to lots of issues and thoughts that my readers have in a way that the old Tumblr site never could. And every so often something appears there that simply blows me away.

Three days ago a straight Alpha named Master Fin dropped his incredible story/question in my inbox. I have no idea how many times I re-read it, hungrily digesting every detail before working up the nerve to contact him.

Here is that initial missive:

This fag/sub I met 7 months ago found your site recently and told me to take a look at it. I’ve been reading through it, kind of getting my mind blown. Have been meaning for awhile to write about my situation so here goes:

Right before COVID hit I was at a bodybuilding competition – I’m a bodybuilder but wasn’t competing in this particular contest — was just in the audience and this young blond kid comes up to me and tells me he’s a photography student at NYU would I let him photograph me for a student project. (My girlfriend BTW sees this happening but she’s used to it and laughs it off — isn’t threatened)
I’ve been asked “Can I photograph you” a million times by gay guys (they’re called schmoes in the bodybuilding world) and I know what it really means, so I say to this NYU kid, sure, and turns out I’m right — he does take some pictures but then soon enough he’s asking if he can muscle worship me, which is exactly what I was expecting.
I tell him that’s gonna cost him and the kid, his name is Asher, he shells out $300 (I usually get more) to worship me. I’m big, 5’10” 250 and roided and he of course goes crazy over my body, he’s obsessed with big muscle. We do this three more times and then he tells me he has to stop because he’s a student, he can’t afford it but asks if we could barter like he’ll do things for me in exchange etc etc. I never did that before but he’s a really cool sweet kid, 20 years old, petite, blue eyes, blond pretty boy so I figure sure.

I’m 32 and between training and working at my family’s business I don’t have much time for a lot of other stuff so he starts coming over doing anything I need, he cleans my place, preps my meals which is a lot of work, and occasionally blows or worships me when I’m feeling it.

Over the past 7 months of COVID quarantine, my socializing got down to almost zero and Asher was spending more and more time at my place doing whatever I asked him to do. Three months in my girlfriend, who I’m not seeing as much because of this starts accusing me of having an affair and just keeps getting bitchier and bitchier and long story short we break up – she ends it – but I don’t care too much.

I come home from the gym or from work and Asher has got a cooked meal waiting for me. My apartment is spotless. After dinner if I want to chill and watch Netflix, or go online, he will position himself in a way that while I’m doing whatever it is I want to do, he will suck/nurse on my dick or sniff or lick my ass, or just lay by my feet or leave me completely alone if that’s what I want. His focus is always on my needs. There is NEVER any drama. No attitude, ever, from him. Just worship and service. It’s kind of fucking hard to believe. Girls should really take some lessons from sub fags if they want to know how to get along with a man. 

Anyway, over the months we have moved on to more than just him blowing me and muscle worship. He has a trim, hairless smooth little body, but with the bubbliest rounded smoothest white ass that any girl would kill for. I don’t know if he shaves it or if it’s naturally pink and hairless but if you didn’t know it was attached to a male you would think it was the hottest ass you’ve seen on a girl. When I was with my girlfriend it was weeks of her trying to take my dick up her ass and it always hurt her so we stopped, but with Asher there was NEVER an issue, even if it does hurt.

He’s a charming persuasive little fucker and he somehow got me to start fucking him, so that’s been going on for awhile now. (Over the past 7 months I’ve craved female pussy so went on tinder and hooked up a few times but it’s too much of a chance with COVID so I’ve stopped that and only been fucking Asher. 

The other night when I was fucking him he said, “Daddy, I want to have your baby so much, Please make me pregnant.” It turned me on so much, I never fucked anyone so hard. With our size difference I thought I would break this kid in two but he takes anything I give him, begs for more.

The whole thing is really fucking with my mind. He’s a guy, but he is like THE PERFECT GIRLFRIEND. He’s like a geisha girl or something. Here’s some other kinky shit he’s got me doing. He begs to watch me take a shit. I sit on the toilet and he curls up at my feet and while I take a dump he’s down there like a puppy or something. The other day he asked if he could wipe my ass for me but I said no. It’s really sick shit but part of me really digs it. I can’t explain it. I just wish he was a real girl.

I had him order a lot of Victoria Secret outfits which helps and I told him not to cut his hair so now he has longer blond hair – he’s as close to a girl as I think he’s going to get. (I’ve stopped calling him Asher, I call him Ashley, which he loves.)

But I don’t know how this continues. Right now it’s not too much of an issue with other people finding out about him because no one is really socializing or comes over because of COVID but once COVID ends, I’m not sure what’s going to happen. Here I am this straight guy and somehow I’ve ended up with this perfect “girlfriend” that no one knows about because “She” is really male no matter how much lingerie I put on her. Not easy to square because he makes me 100% fuckin happy.

See what I mean??

Of course, as this site has proven beyond the shadow of any doubt, straight Men fuck faggots all the time and even own faggots yet remain straight. Master Fin is in no danger of “changing teams” ever.

But I do think Master Fin is headed to an eventual crossroads here. At some point a straight Alpha must look other people in the eye and admit that they own and use faggots and they don’t care what other people think about it.

Seriously, who is going to check Master Fin or question his authority? He’s an absolute Alpha BEAST who could pulverize anyone who gets in his way or challenges him! Ultimately, anything that makes an Alpha “100% fuckin happy” should be perfectly acceptable and defended with all of his strength!

So I collected myself and contacted this great Alpha. And what I uncovered in him was so electrifying and captivating that I’ve had a constant WIDE-ON ever since. Throw out what you think you know about roided-up bodybuilders being senseless meatheads. Master Fin is NOT that stereotype. He’s articulate, intelligent, and very expressive. Honestly, between him and Master Dino, I’ve been wandering around in a blissful daze for a few weeks.

Just focus on this next massive message sent by this Apex Alpha god:

It wasn’t until I met Asher and experienced his 100% submissiveness and dedication to me as his god and then reading about the alpha/fag dynamic on your blog did I understand the “purpose of faggots” — as you have defined the word faggot  — a person who exists to serve superior men.   

Before then, at least in my world, the word faggot was only used by people as a derogatory way to refer to gay men in general.  And usually by asshole douchebags. I’ve never had a problem with anyone being gay — who gives a fuck.  That said,  the times I’ve allowed gay guys to muscle worship me I saw them more as gay guys obsessed with muscle —  “schmoes” with a particular fetish, as opposed to them being “a fag.” 

Asher is my first fag — before him, I never gave “fags” any thought — I always had a girlfriend (or two) and sure, I come across men all the time who are clearly inferior to me, who I can see are intimidated or in awe of me, but truth be told I didn’t know they were there for my use in the way that your blog gives examples about. It blows my mind that this whole other reality has been there all this time and I didn’t know, 

That is until Asher. Weird thing is, it’s not like now that I’ve got Asher, who is technically male,  in my house, essentially as my girlfriend, that now when I’m on the street I now look at other blond boys and think “I wanna to fuck them.”   I don’t.  I’m not attracted to men. BUT I want to fuck the shit out of Asher all the time and use him every way sexually and otherwise but he’s where it ends with men. Truth is I don’t see him as male. Anyway, still trying to make sense out of it.  If I’m gonna fuck anyone else it would be a girl but I gotta say, Asher is keeping me so well satisfied I’m not looking in that direction much either.

I’m telling you – if Asher had a real pussy, he would literally be the girlfriend that every male would dream of making up in a laboratory. I look at my buddies and the shit that they have to put up with —  all the bitching and moaning and complaining and demands from their wives and girlfriends and then to top it off, my buddies then have to beg for a fuckin’ blow job! And I think of all the same kind of shit I put up with from girlfriends past — that’s why at 32 I never got married — who the fuck needs that? 


You can actually hear Master Fin reasoning it out in this letter, ultimately coming to the conclusion that female issue no longer need to be a problem in his life because he can own Asher and be worshiped and serviced like a King.

Just the way Apex Alphas deserve!

But before you dismiss Asher as some sort of throwaway cumrag for Master Fin, he sent another letter that really clarifies things between them:

When I said that Asher was totally submissive and that there was never any attitude or drama from him I want to make clear that he is not some blank empty non-entity. He’s no doormat or loser in the outside world.  He is smart, funny and entertaining  —  he’s good company — BUT  with ME he knows his place and always defers to me.  When I say he has no attitude it’s not to say that he hasn’t had to be disciplined or put in his place. But it’s more like how you would treat a dog who’s misbehaving.  Asher can be frisky, or over-eager, or sloppy about things, just the way a pup would be and sometimes he needs to be scolded and put in his place.  What I meant about him never having an attitude is that it’s never like I would get from my past girlfriends — all that heavy-duty badgering and bitching and moaning.  Only once did Asher truly screw up and I had to punish him. The details are too long and boring but he screwed up my meal prep big time., which is unacceptable. 

When it happened I got VERY calm and quiet. (for some reason the angrier I am– the quieter I get.  I NEVER yell and use very few words) I’ve been told that this sends a chill down people’s spine. It also would drive my girlfriends crazy. They would be upset screaming about something and it would make them insane when I wouldn’t scream back)  So Asher screws up my meal prep and he can feel my anger but I calmly tell him to get his things and leave. He tries to make excuses and apologize but I say one more time, “Out. Now. And if you’re not out now, you’re never coming back”  He knows I mean it so he leaves. The next day he tries calling throughout the day – I don’t pick up. 

Late in the second day he texts me a video — in it he’s sobbing and apologizing and begging me to forgive him over and over. He’s really suffering and I figure OK, two days is enough punishment. I text him to come over. 

When I open the door he throws himself at me, wraps his arms around me and buries his face in me sobbing, apologizing and saying it will never happen again.  The way he is desperately holding on to me is like he’s holding on for dear life, 

It was at this moment that I realized. I OWN HIM. 

It made me rock hard and it also made me feel a sense of responsibility because at this point I felt like if I wanted to, I could destroy him.  That was the turning point in our relationship.  While he was holding onto me, I told him to get in the bathtub. He did. I had to wait a few minutes for my hard-on to go down and then while he was fully clothed, I peed on him – hosed him down completely. This is the first time I peed on him. It was punishment and a blessing from me at the same time. Thank you SIR was always he kept saying.  Then told him to stay in the tub, drenched in my piss and to think about what just happened. A half-hour later I told him he could now shower, trash the clothes and make me dinner.  He’s never fucked up my meal prep again or really anything else for that matter.  

If you don’t believe in the truth of in-born Hierarchy by now, please re-read that last letter by Master Fin.

How does a straight Alpha Male instinctively understand how to own faggots so effortlessly, so naturally? From where does it come?

You see, Master Fin was born with this power to own submissive humans. Faggots are the extreme end of that spectrum, the yin to his yang. His natural dominance has finally found the submissive complement in young fag Asher. They lock together like pieces of a Hierarchical puzzle.

This dynamic between Alphas and faggots is as basic and intrinsic to Manhood as anything in Nature. It can be found in all cultures dating back into early recorded human history. I believe it’s nearly as important as the relationship between Men and women because the Alpha/fag dynamic helps develop Alphas into leaders and rulers in our world. Faggots also keep Men relieved of sexual needs, and they provide the worship that Men crave in their soul.

Master Fin is a magnificent example of this truth. He stumbled upon something he didn’t realize he needed, but now it’s filling up his life with everything he could want. It’s the process by which Men become Gods.

Master Fin is a god among us. Bow your heads and give thanks.