I haven’t been subtle about my frustrations with findom. So many guys are putting up fake profiles or put on fake personas in order to get some of the easy fag cash swirling around the scene. Most of the time these guys are not Alphas, and ultimately not worthy of such rich tributes.

But every so often a true Alpha shows up and turns everyone’s head. I’ve featured a few here before, and they have gone on to be very successful in the scene.

But now the scene has a new figure who is quickly making waves. And with good reason – he’s an Apex Alpha so undeniably perfect in every way that one is forced to accept his rule as one of the Kings of the Earth!

His name is Angel Mateus. He goes by the name @Angelmateus15 on Twitter. He has an OnlyFans temple of worship at onlyfans.com/eldiablodemateus.

Gaze in wonder at this perfection, then get to tributing to him!