This post is part of a thread following the rise of Master Joel, a 16-year-old straight Alpha from Sweden who has discovered faggot ownership. CLICK HERE to read all of these posts in chronological order!

Things went quiet with Master Joel after his week-long fuck fest with his older married Alpha brother, Alpha Isak. His brother returned to his wife and his “normal” married life.

But, of course, that isn’t going to stop the progress of a young Alpha as powerful as Master Joel! It seems like he is charting a course very similar to Master Kyle and, more recently, Master Toby.

He gave me an update:

Hi faggot! Long time no see. I read alpha tobys post and it reminded me of my own situation at the moment! Yeah so i have a gf now! An obedient pretty slut. Much like toby, im her total owner, i control her every move basically, i can fuck faggots and other girls but she cant even flirt with boys. Shes mine.

I also entered my dream gymnasium so that part is also going accordingly!

My fags are making great progress and im just living my alpha dream. My brother has been distancing himself from me sadly, we will get back into fucking in due time though, hopefully.

When I asked about Alpha Isak’s distance, he replied:

He has a family so he prioritises his family over fags.

Of course! But I guarantee he’s thinking about the fag fucking he did with his younger god of a brother while he’s lying in bed with his wife!

In addition to fucking his girlfriend and his faggots, Master Joel also occasionally enjoys the service of a local gloryhole. Of course, the cocksucker at the gloryhole must really work for its prize because it typically takes Master Joel an hour to cum from head! Master Joel make the faggot at the gloryhole take a picture of his bulge prior to receiving service:

As Master Joel indicated, he’s started seriously working out at a fantastic new gym. He gave me a progress report by way of this stunning image:

Just like all Swedish Men, Master Joel is tall, blonde, and beautiful! Already his body is taut and rippled with powerful muscles. He is rapidly becoming an unstoppable fuck machine!

But what we truly see here is something universal in natural-born Alphas: a relentless pursuit of perfection and domination. Their elite lives are living testaments to Male power.

I’m so grateful to Master Joel for continuing to share his glorious life with me!