As the Hierarchy Podcast continues its relentless spread across the globe, I’ve been surprised again and again by the messages I’ve received from other countries from those it has touched.

Here’s an example from a brother in Mexico:

I’m just a random 30-year-old faggot from Mexico City. I’ve been following your Twitter account for a long time, but it wasn’t until today that I started listening to your podcast.

I simply don’t have words to say how overwhelmed I felt. There’s this episode where you say that we blindly follow social rules that tell us what behaviors are or are not acceptable but in the end we feel sad and unfulfilled. I almost cried when I heard this because that’s exactly what I feel like.

I’ve always wanted to submit myself to an alpha male. I actually met one last year and then I kind of let him go because I started a “socially acceptable” relationship with a man. He’s far from being an alpha and there’s this part of me that is constantly logging for being dominated––I just can’t explain it.

I’d thought for years that what I wanted––to be a faggot and serve an alpha––was wrong or kind of sick, ’cause that was society constantly told me. Thank you for speaking the truth and making me feel home with the content you’ve published. I wish I hadn’t followed the stupid rules I thought were right, but it’s never too late to embrace who we are, isn’t it?
I want to break free and be the faggot I’ve always been deep inside.

Isn’t this wonderful?? I thank my brother for sending such a heartfelt gift!

The central message of Hierarchical truth sets ones like my brother here free. No more shame. A faggot can embrace its natural place in the world and find fulfillment once this understanding takes root.

More and more I’m seeing this visceral reaction to the podcast. I think it can reach the heart better than the written word because I’m talking to them directly.

And reaching the heart is always my goal, because the heart is where real change and healing happens!

Thank you all for the support!