I had no idea what was going to become of the Hierarchy Podcast when I started it almost a year ago. Would anyone even listen? Would I have anything to say? Would anyone even listen???

Much to my great surprise, many people have been listening. The feedback I receive from it crosses multiple boundaries – gays, straights, Alphas, faggots, transgendered, and even a few women! It’s widely listened to around the world, even ranking high in certain little counties I had no idea would even get it.

Like this website, the whole point of the podcast was to help people find purpose and fulfillment. I didn’t know HOW it might accomplish that, but I thought I’d give it a try.

Well I have heard from people who have been helped by the podcast, but today I received a most extraordinary series of text messages from a 46-year-old Alpha named Michael. Actually, he’s just discovering his Alphahood at this point in his life through the podcast!

But it gets better:

I have turned my partner into a total sub faggot since listening to the podcast. Our sex life is amazing now thanks to your podcast. I was telling (my partner) about the podcast and it just went on from there. He serves me every night, and it has been so good for us. So thank you.


Alpha Michael’s partner is a 40-year-old sub (now full-fledged faggot) who has also learned its place thanks to the podcast.

I am 46 and he is 40 we have been together for 13 years and we opened our relationship up about 7 years ago. We played together once and it weirded me out having to share him with someone else but now I want to share him with another alpha. Yep… it has been so amazing ever since I discovered your podcast! He knows that his role is just a hole.

Through the podcast Alpha Michael has learned about the power of chastity.

It’s already in chastity. I have a key and have one hidden he is locked up and cannot cum until I think he has earned it. I locked him myself, and it was a powerful experience for me. He is such a good faggot. He does a great job serving his sir.

I was floored by this! Typically it’s hard for an established, long-term couple to change direction so radically, but this seems to have been exactly what they needed. I guess I could liken it to a chiropractor radically adjusting a back and instantly relieving pain.

This amazing new Alpha signed off this way:

Oh okay… well I will tell you again that I love your podcast and I would love to have you along with my faggot serve me. Keep up the great work on the podcast. I listen every morning on the way to work.

What a shot in the arm that conversation was for me today! THANK YOU Master Michael for sharing your personal story with me! Maybe you can be a guest on the show!

As for me, I think I’ll keep the podcast going!