The Inevitable Union Of Michael And Jon

I do believe that Hierarchical attraction is more powerful than any other kind of force between humans. It even supersedes sexual attraction, binding together unlikely pairs of people based primarily on the unavoidable bonds of power.

How else can we explain the repeated unions of straight Alphas with faggots? It’s not necessarily sexual attraction, but rather Hierarchical power dynamics linking them together.

Even recently I’ve covered the incredible story of straight Master Dino and his marriage to his faggot Jamie. Well now I have yet another story of a straight Alpha preparing to marry his faggot of two years!

Master Michael is a straight black Alpha who lives with his faggot Jon in Madrid, Spain. They work from home together, both as successful engineers.

It was inevitable that they would come together.

Growing up, Master Michael was a dominant Alpha his entire life. He first discovered the use of faggots at the age of 12 when a classmate begged to suck his dick in the bathroom. So Master Michael forced the faggot to its knees and fucked its mouth until he came. The faggot served as Master Michael’s cocksucker and homework fag for four years.

As Master Michael got a bit older, he started dating/fucking females, but always owned at least one faggot for homework and throat.

Then he met Jon through a mutual gay friend who was dating Jon at the time. His friend made the fateful choice of asking Master Michael if he wanted to try a threesome.

The sexual energy between Master Michael and Jon was undeniable. They met up the next day and fucked. It quickly became clear that Jon was born to be owned by Master Michael.

Four days later Jon broke up with his boyfriend and became Master Michael’s property.

Almost immediately Master Michael forced Jon to prostitute himself in order make a sizable financial tribute to his new Master. Jon’s tributes have continued weekly in the two years they have been together.

Jon described their daily life:

He trained me to be his empty minded faggot. I wake up and prepare his breakfast. While he’s eating I lick his feet. Then I prepare a shower for him. While he’s showering I make our bed. Then we work from home together. Usually if he has a free slot he will use my mouth. Then I prepare his lunch. After work he likes me giving him massages. After that he likes to fuck my brains out.

And that’s how it works between a straight Alpha and his faggot!

Master Michael described the attraction this way:

Jon is a woman for me though. I’ve fucked guys and pussy, but Jon just makes me crazy. He’s clever, submissive, sexy, and a true fag. His ass helped, too.

The pair intend to marry next year. Hopefully they will share this glorious moment with us here!

As this incredible example shows, Hierarchy cannot be ignored or denied. The force between a dominant Alpha and a submissive faggot are like opposite ends of a magnet. They MUST come together.

Thankfully Master Michael and Jon had the insight to allow these natural forces to work in their lives!