This is an offshoot of the remarkable story of straight Alpha Jin and his remarkable faggot Chin. You can CLICK HERE to read the stories related to this brand new fag Owner!

Some of you may remember this startling moment when Chin the faggot was dragged off by straight Alpha Matt, best friend of Chin’s Owner Alpha Jin. Alpha Matt had heard about the ball-emptying service Chin was providing for his Owner, and Alpha Matt was curious to try it for himself.

Needless to say, Alpha Matt thoroughly enjoyed pumping his load down the eager throat of Alpha Jin’s faggot. In fact, he loved it so much that today Alpha Matt took a faggot he noticed at his gym, forced it to its knees, and fucked its throat. 


I reached out to Alpha Matt after this momentous event to get his perspective. Here’s what he wrote:

Jin told me that Chin was a faggot and at first I just thought he was gay and did not understand the difference between the two. Jin told me to look at FWA and I would get a better idea of what faggots are all about. My girl has not been putting out. And that is why I thought I would try getting a fag of my own. Now I notice faggots all over the place. The gym seems a good place to find them. 

“My girl has not been putting out” is a common complaint heard from straight Men who use faggots on the side. For these Alphas, faggots are human equivalents of cumrags or Fleshlights – places to dump a stress-relieving load. 

Alpha Jin said Alpha Matt expressed shock at how easily faggots seem to willingly drop to their knees on command to take cock and cum. This kind of cock hunger is not typical at all with females. I’m sure it is bewildering for a young straight Alpha to experience for the first time. What an impression that makes!

Alpha Jin also said that Alpha Matt is unsure of where he wants to take this new avenue of faggot usage – Matt feels some aspects are “too gay” for him – but many straight Alphas start using faggots the same way and slowly come to the realization that using faggots doesn’t change their sexuality, but rather enhances it.

I’ve seen straight Alpha Matt – he’s gorgeous. Faggots will forever drop to their knees before this young soccer god.