This is a new thread merging the true stories of straight Alpha Nick and straight Alpha Nikola as they begin a new adventure of full-time faggot Ownership! CLICK HERE for these new stories in chronological order!

A new day has begun!

Let me give you a little background first. Alpha Jin finished with college a couple of weeks ago and left Toronto to return home. It was difficult for both Alpha Jin and his faggot Chin. After all, they discovered their true roles together. Alpha Jin caged and cunted Chin. Through Alpha Jin, Chin learned obedience and service. Through Chin, Alpha Jin discovered the power of faggot ownership. So they had gone through several intense months together, and parting was difficult.

Before leaving, Alpha Jin promised his prized faggot would become the property of Alpha Matt. And Alpha Matt was drooling at the chance to own such a dedicated cocksucker and fuck toy. Chin was happy with the arrangement; remember, Alpha Matt also cunted Chin, so Chin felt a pull toward serving him.

Chin was upset the night Alpha Jin left. Alpha Matt left Chin to be sad while he went out to a party and fuck other people. This enraged Alpha Nick when he heard about this cold abandonment. So Alpha Nick came to the rescue, swooping Chin up from his apartment and bringing Chin back home to stay with him and his faggot Yul. 

While the two faggots curled up in bed and slept, Alpha Nick was talking to me about the situation between Alpha Matt and Chin. It was clear this really struck a nerve. 

“Alphas are supposed to take care of their faggots,” said Alpha Nick with dismay. “I think I should take Chin to stay with me.”

Little did I know it at the time, but this was the spark that led Alpha Nick to reevaluate what he wanted and needed out of faggot ownership. It wasn’t enough for him to simply have a faggot to dump loads into (although that’s mighty important). He wanted a safe place to OWN these faggots as his possessions, his servants. 

Then, like any true Alpha, he made his decision: he would rent a brand new apartment for the coming semester, a two-bedroom with plenty of space. Alpha Nikola would move into one room with his faggot Lee (coming soon from Hong Kong) and Alpha Nick would take the other bedroom with Chin and Yul. 

All three faggots would be serving both Alphas at all times. They will rotate various duties (cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc.). The faggots will serve them (and any friends) in whatever way to two Alphas desire. Their holes will be used at any moment one of the two Alphas needs to unload.   

In other words, it’s an Alpha utopia!

It’s the Kingdom of Nick and Nikola!

Let me just remind you that these two Alphas are completely straight. They began this semester fucking females just like every other athletic college jock on campus. 

But they’ll begin this next semester in a very different state. They will now be KINGS enjoying the worship, service, and respect Men like them are born to receive. THIS IS THE BEST LIFE!

When I was talking to Alpha Nick this morning, he said this:

ALPHA NICK: “This faggot stuff is the absolute best thing”

ME:  “ Have you ever felt so powerful and alive?”

ALPHA NICK: “Never before … We are just getting to understand our power .”

Alpha Nick and Alpha Nikola are transforming into gods right before our eyes. They have ascended to a place where few tread, a place above the rules that constrain lesser Men. Here, in this Kingdom erected by their own wisdom and power, they reign supreme.