This thread follows the development of a Hierarchical marriage between Alpha Josh and his fagwife Matt. CLICK HERE to read every post in this thread in chronological order!

I’m always intrigued when I come across relationships in which both partners eventually adopt their natural Hierarchical positions over time. Was it always there in some form, but repressed during courtship? Or was it a learned attribute developed later in life?

For the record, I’m in the former camp. I believe Alphas and faggots have a sense of their role all along, but for whatever reason (fear of rejection, fear of scaring the partner) they hide some of these more extreme feelings and needs.

There’s nothing wrong with that, of course. Partners in a loving and consensual relationship can flex quite a bit and make room for new experiences. But whatever the circumstance, those true roles must eventually come to the surface, even after many years in a committed relationship.

This is exactly what is happening between an Alpha named Josh and his fag wife Matt. After meeting in college (Alpha Josh was 18, and Matt was 20), they eventually wed. I’ll let Matt tell the story:

I am 35, and Josh is 34.We’ve been married 12 years now, we started dating very young when I was 20 and He was 18 in college so we learned a lot about relationships and sex together. We were very vanilla in the beginning – He sort of grew into His Alpha role as time went on and I gradually accepted that I was a faggot.

I asked about Alpha Josh’s personality prior to fully realizing his Alphahood:

Definitely Alpha-like in the sense that He was confident and self-assured and fairly Dominant in many little ways. I think unfortunately many young fags and even Alphas don’t understand the true nature of the hierarchy and so we were on one level trying to relate to each other as equals and yet also both realizing that there was an inherent inequality there. The sort of unique part of our relationship was that we learned to embrace our roles and that inequality together. So I’d say, yes, definitely Alpha-like with strong Alpha qualities, but grew into His true Alpha nature over time.

Matt brings up an important point here. Society likes to stress equality and fairness in relationships, but Hierarchy is inherently UNFAIR. So then there is a struggle that occurs within the relationship between societal grooming and natural desire. Many relationships fail during this time of self discovery!

Fortunately, both Alpha Josh and Matt were going through transformations together. They handled it wisely:

We started practicing chastity and orgasm denial a couple years into our marriage and have never looked back – the time is right to take this final step.

What is this “final step” Matt speaks of? It is the reason why Matt contacted me in the first place: PERMANENT CHASTITY!

This is what Matt originally wrote to me:

Wanted to reach out to you on today of all days – I am a lucky faggot in an Alpha / fag marriage and I count my blessings each and every day as I know this is rare. Today is our anniversary and my Husband is taking the step today of placing me in chastity “for good” – at least indefinitely. We’ve been practicing long term chastity for years now but haven’t fully committed to me being permanent, but this anniversary, He has made that decision and I can honestly say I am ready. It feels right and it helps knowing there are other fags like you out there in the same situation. Thank you for your excellent podcast and I hope it continues.

Isn’t that amazing?

In a way, on this anniversary Alpha Josh and Matt renewed their true vows – their Hierarchical vows! And instead of a ring on a finger, Alpha Josh will be placing a most important ring on the clit of his faggot wife!

It is a ring that symbolizes total ownership and complete devotion.

I am so glad to know Alpha Josh and Matt. Their example of honesty and Hierarchical fulfillment should be a template for other couples navigating this tricky journey of self-acceptance!