This is part of a continuing series chronicling the rise of Alpha Matt, a straight male and friend of Alpha Jin who slowly came to understand the wonders of faggot worship. Click here to read all of these posts in order!

When I talk about “The Life” that Alpha’s deserve, I’m speaking of an ideal situation. It’s a life tailored specifically to the deeply masculine needs of Men, a life filled with power and worship and strength and virility.

No matter how domesticated a Man becomes – marriage, children, dinner parties with other couples on the weekends – his soul is still a roaring, hungry beast wanting to hunt, capture, and conquer prey and property. He’s built that way.

There’s a reason why our world is built on Hierarchy, one of Kings and slaves, rulers and subjects. It’s because that need is FUNDAMENTAL TO MEN.

A Man wants to be worshiped. A Man wants to be served. A Man wants to be obeyed, glorified, and dominating. He wants to own and command lesser people, inferior people, subordinate people.

Men are built for this. They need it. They want it.

And everything I just said about Men is even more true about Alphas.

So circling back to my original question, what is really “The Life” for an Alpha? It’s obviously a life involving the ownership of faggots.

I’ll give you a true example from last night. It involves Master Matt, a straight Apex Alpha who owns two live-in faggots, Michael and Jeremy.

Said Master Matt this morning:

My faggots worked so hard for my nut last night. It was just the absolute best. I was on couch watching TV and pulled my dick out as Jeremy was walking past. And he said “can I take care of that for you Sir?” So Jeremy knelt and started sucking me. Then Michael came home just after Jeremy started and said “I need some of that too” and then got to work. It was an hour long (blowjob) and it was the very best. I loved it. It was a big big load and not a drop was wasted. They are both world class cock suckers.

I want to emphasize (again) that Master Matt is a good looking STRAIGHT ALPHA with a GIANT COCK. He could have any woman he wants.

He owns and uses faggots because he wants “the Life” faggots give him. It’s one of power and worship. It’s one where he can be the fullest expression of his Manhood.

Master Matt recognizes this:

Yes faggots are just the very best. I was born for this. It always feels so good.

Master Matt is living The Life. By living The Life, Master Matt has become a more complete Alpha and a better Man. Through the ownership of faggots he has learned how to own and care for his property, to correct and discipline, and how to make wise decisions that benefit both himself and those who worship him.

Tonight Master Matt intends to pass on this secret of The Life to his Alpha brother Kyler. He will be in attendance at the caging ceremony Master Matt has planned for virgin faggot Tommy. I have no doubt that Master Matt’s faggots will service Alpha Kyler during or after the caging ceremony.

Alpha Kyler will get his first glimpse of The Life Men are born to need and want.

And I guarantee you he will want more.