A few days ago Master Nick contacted me and told me he wanted to cunt Michael, Master Matt’s new faggot. I knew it was coming, but I wasn’t expecting it so soon.

Then Master Nick said, “I’m thinking about giving Alex to Matt to fuck while I’m cunting Michael.”

This presented an interesting wrinkle. Anyone who has been tracking this story might remember how Master Matt essentially raped Alex last fall with one of his legendary power fucks.

The Alphas told the two faggots to meet them at the gym Saturday morning. Full of excitement, the faggots put on spandex shorts (to show off their cages in the gym) and met up with their Masters. Masters Nick and Matt worked out by themselves, leaving the faggots to do whatever faggots do besides work out at a gym. Most guy watching.

“Sam,” texted Michael, “Nick and Matt are both walking around with hard-ons while they work out!”

So the stage was set for the rest of the day!

The four of them went to Master Matt’s condo. When they got inside, the faggots dropped to their knees and began kissing the feet of their Masters while they took off their clothes. Then the Alphas took the faggots into the bedroom. There, they put the faggots side-by-side on the bed, and the fucking began, Master Nick plunging into Michael and Master Matt ramming Alex.

It was not a gentle, romantic fuck session. I found out later that the two Alphas were having a competition between each other to see who would cunt their faggot first. So with bragging rights on the line, both Alphas were mercilessly hammering away at their respective faggots.

But, truth be told, there probably isn’t a Man on the planet who fucks harder than Master Matt, and soon enough Alex was “screaming like a bitch” (Master Nick’s words) from Master Matt’s relentless assault.

SIDE NOTE: Alex claims he cried out for Master Matt to stop, but none of the others heard him say that. I will refer back to this later.

Soon after the screaming started Master Matt felt Alex’s pussy muscles clamp down on the end of his cock and all the familiar traits of cunting occurred. A few seconds later Michael experienced a cunting right alongside his brother.

Then both Alphas shot their loads simultaneously, sealing the deal.

After the faggots cleaned off the cocks of their Masters, the foursome headed to Master Nick’s place. When they arrived, Master Nick’s remaining faggots greeted them on their knees at the door and kissed their feet.

Then Master Matt grabbed Lee and took him into one bedroom to breed him, while Master Nick took Yul and Oliver into his bedroom and bred both of them. While all of this was happening, Michael and Alex began making a dinner of roast chicken with a couple of sides.

After some time of hard fucking, the faggots came out of their respective rooms to join their fag brothers in the kitchen. The Masters, drained beyond belief, both took pre-dinner naps.

But the pause was short-lived.

As dinner cooked, Yul and Ollie snuck into Master Nick’s room. Yul woke him up by licking his balls. Soon, Master Nick was fucking the two faggots once again! Meanwhile, Alex and Lee went in to wake up Master Matt, and they both got fucked again! (You see, Alex went right back to Master Matt for more!)

When dinner was ready everybody came out exhausted and disheveled from their rooms. Masters Matt and Nick were still naked. They sat down at the kitchen table and were served their food. Master Nick ordered the five faggots to eat their dinners kneeling at the coffee table in the other room.

When dinner was finished, Masters Nick and Matt got up and walked into the living room. As they sat down on the sofa, Master Nick said: “Faggots, we’re going to have a worship session. Get to it NOW.”

So all five faggots scampered to their feet and began worshiping them. One faggot per foot, plus an additional faggot on their cocks. The faggots would trade positions like a well-oiled machine, each taking turns serving their cocks.

Eventually they concentrated solely on sucking their cocks and ending (somehow) with cumshots from both of them!

At the end of this exhausting day of faggot breeding, Master Nick simply said “FAGGOTS are the best!”

And Master Matt said, “We feel like Gods!”

Indeed they are!


Somehow Master Matt awoke this morning with a semi-hard dick and wanted more fag pussy. So he called Master Nick and asked if he could use Alex for the day, and Nick quickly agreed.

So Alex and Michael spent this morning cleaning up Master Matt’s condo while he worked out. And when he returned home, he fucked both of their brains out.

Most PORN STARS can’t fuck like these two young Alpha Kings in Toronto!