This post concerns the ongoing saga of California Alpha, one of the earliest and greatest Alphas I’ve ever chronicled on this blog. If you need to catch up, click here for every post about this glorious Man!

More than a year and a half has passed since I last heard any serious updates from the legendary California Alpha (August 30, 2018 to be exact – CLICK HERE). California Alpha is a bit like the Halley’s Comet of this website, periodically lighting up the sky and firing the imagination for but a brief moment, then disappearing into the blackness once again.

Two days ago I was blessed by another appearance of my powerful Master’s presence, and we had one of our typical text conversations while he lounged on a beach with his brother under quarantine.


Before I get into the main topic, I wanted to update my readers (some of whom keep asking) about California Alpha’s proposed fag farm, a large property California Alpha purchased north of Los Angeles, California in order to house about 30 of his faggots.

It seems the deal almost fell through at the beginning of the year because the state wouldn’t approve certain licenses California Alpha sought for the property involving its use. However, as wealthy, connected Alphas often do, California Alpha pulled some strings and got the approvals he wanted. The fag farm is now in its design phase!


The Alpha Gene (if we want to call it that) runs powerfully through California Alpha’s entire bloodline. If there ever was a case to be made for genetic Alphahood, California Alpha’s lineage would be exhibit “A”.

It seems that California Alpha’s oldest child, Dale, is now thirteen years old and very much an Alpha like his father. When Dale was around nine years old, he came to California Alpha and told him that he felt different from his friends at school. Dale was bigger than they were, and more aggressive. They seemed weak to the budding Alpha, even at that age, and it was making him curious.

So given that knowledge from California Alpha, Dale proceeded to enslave his first faggot at age nine, a childhood faggot friend who served as Dale’s first cocksucker. Since then, Dale has been experimenting with fag fucking and the like while also pursuing girls.

But after telling me about Dale’s progress, our conversation turned toward a seldom-discussed topic: California Alpha’s early grooming by his own Alpha father, a powerful Man named Mike.

And so it was that Master Mike taught his son California Alpha about his own use of faggots, and it sparked the need within him – a need all true Alphas have – to own and use faggots as part of their Kingship.

And now California Alpha is passing on that legacy to his blossoming Alpha son Dale!

I have chronicled so many stories like this that it’s obvious that Alphahood is (a) genetically inherited, and (b) groomed. True Alphas understand this heritage and have deep respect for upholding it among themselves. They sharpen one another, protect one another, and occasionally police one another.

I, for one, am so glad that this sacred commission is being curated by California Alpha’s bloodline! He remains one of the most astounding Alphas I’ve ever known, a Man of deep conviction and respect for his Alphahood. The fact that he was given the tools of this trade by his father, and now he’s passing it onto his son … it’s breathtaking.

Our world is safe in their hands.