This is part of a continuing thread isolating the rise of Supreme Alpha Dylan, brother of Alpha John and Master of the faggot Cody and two others. CLICK HERE for all of these posts in chronological order!

I see many Alphas online during these dark days of isolation from the coronavirus pandemic, all frustrated and bored without faggots around to pound and breed. They are like locked-up dogs in heat, pacing and whining and desperate for a release.

But those Alphas out there who have taken fag ownership seriously, on the other hand, are enjoying glorious days and nights full of service and worship! They’re sequestered away with their faggots and filling them with mass quantities of Alpha jizz.

Master Nick has definitely been enjoying his time with his four faggots in Toronto. Master Nick even had a day recently where he pumped out eight loads in one day!

But I don’t know if there is an Alpha on the planet who has managed to top the incredible feat of breeding accomplished by Master Dylan yesterday while in isolation.


Yes, that’s right – Master Dylan pumped 14 loads into his two primary faggots – seven into Cody and seven into Ethan (Fag #2) – in a 24-hour period!

Technically, Master Dylan pumped out at 15th load, but it happened at 00:15am. Master Dylan declared that load to be invalid since it occurred after midnight.

After the eighth load, Master Dylan was getting tired. It seemed like he might not go much longer. Then tricky Fag 2 devised a trick I’ve never heard of before: it dabbed a bandanna with poppers, and Master Dylan wrapped the bandanna around his head and over his nose and mouth. With the scent of poppers in his nostrils, Master Dylan began fucking again like never before. “It was like being raped by a bandit,” Cody later remarked.

Today, Cody said his pussy was “buzzing” (fucking great word for that feeling!) after being pounded by his Texas-sized Beast of a Master. “I’ve never known anyone with his stamina who didn’t have a blue pill,” added Cody semi-jokingly. And keep in mind – Cody was the faggot of Sir Titus, one of the most powerful Alphas of all time! So Cody’s praise of Master Dylan should be taken seriously!

I don’t know if records of cumshots exist somewhere, or if there is an entry for “Most Cumshots In One 24-Hour Day” in the Guinness Book Of World Records. I also don’t know how much cum can be produced by the testicles of one human Man, or how quickly the stores can be replenished.

But the 14 cumshots of Master Dylan yesterday must rank somewhere near the top of the all time list!

Aren’t Alphas fucking AMAZING?!?