More and more straight Alphas are seeking out faggot cocksuckers that they can use for fast, professional service. It’s just a fact, folks.

There has also been a similar movement among straight married Alphas. Of course married Men cheat all the time, but you’d think that marriage would blind them to the use of faggots. That’s definitely changing these days.

Case in point: I received a letter from a married Alpha named Aaron. He’s 40 years old and enjoying his life as a mature married King.

But, as is typical in marriages, the lust goes out of the relationship and the sex isn’t coming as often as an Alpha Bull requires.

There is almost always only one great and dependable solution: FAGGOTS. Faggots never get tired of sucking dick, respect a Man’s right to privacy, swallow every drop of his precious cum, and thanks him afterwards. What more could a Man want?

Here’s Alpha Aaron’s letter:

I’m a 40 year old married white guy from near Indianapolis.  I’m a former college athlete with an advanced degree who owns a small defense contracting firm.  I’m in good shape, have all my hair, am easy on the eyes, and have had plenty of social and financial success all throughout my life.  I was my high school’s validictorian, captain of the football and wrestling teams, played college football, and have a STEM PhD.
I’ve been using faggots online for about 10 years or so. When travelling for work, I found an outlet for sexual release in chatting, trading pics, emailing, or camming with fags that were interested in worshiping my cock.  I totally get off on other people, men or women, looking at, commenting on, admiring, or otherwise talking about my dick.  I love to show it off.
My wife lets me absolutely destroy her pussy, asshole, and/or mouth about every other evening, but the extended lockdown type situation and her early menopause is causing her to enjoy sex less and less.  I used to travel about half the time for work, so she got much more of a break, but now I’m expecting sex on a much more frequent basis, she’s changing physically, and she realizes that she’s not really able to continue to give me what I need.  So she’s told me I can seek sex elsewhere.
While going out for some strange pussy would probably be preferable to using a faggots mouth or ass, the baggage that comes with another relationship with a woman should be obvious.  That just sounds like work.  I’m interested in finding a few faggot cocksuckers that I can contact when I need to shoot a load.  Ideally, I text them that I need to stop by, they get ready, then I show up and get sucked off.  I’m assuming that establishing a few dedicated cocksuckers shouldn’t be that difficult, but we’ll see.
I’m not sure I’m into owning a faggot or two, that sounds like work.  The word own implies that I have some responsibility for the fag, and that’s not really what I’m looking for.  I want a fag or two that can appreciate a nice big cock, and show his appreciation with his mouth.  Who knows that he’s just there for my sexual satisfaction and that I don’t need another wife, or son, or anything like that.  I just need a warm hole to fuck, and he offers up his mouth like a substitute pussy.

Alpha Aaron is describing the basic dynamic between an Alpha and a faggot. This is exactly how Men should use faggots!

Here’s my prediction: Alpha Aaron is going to find a faggot, fuck its throat, and feed it multiple loads. And he’s going to love the easy service and worship that comes with faggots that he’s going to keep coming back to use them again and again.

It happens all the time!