This is part of a continuing thread isolating the rise of Supreme Alpha Dylan, brother of Alpha John and Master of the faggot CodyCLICK HERE for all of these posts in chronological order!

Words cannot truly capture the dangerous quality the best Alphas possess. Even the nicest Alphas (in a general sense) have a sadistic side to their personality that often manifests itself sexually when they have a faggot at their mercy. Or lack thereof.

Alpha Dylan is a prime example of this dichotomy. Armed with a big dick and boundless aggression, he disarms faggots with his playful sense of humor and insightful comments before absolutely raping them. He has become one of my favorite young Alphas, and it’s always a treat to talk to him about his conquests.

Lately, Alpha Dylan has set his sights on emulating the Kingdom Master Nick has created in Toronto with his four faggots. Now he has assembled three faggots to serve him full time (with the older two caged property) – Cody, F2 (formerly Ethan), and F3. The next step – get the faggots a new apartment they can share, a place nearby where Alpha Dylan can go for service whenever he wants.

Well, the faggots moved into their new apartment over the weekend. In the week leading up to that, Alpha Dylan spent it quarantined with his faggots at his place, breeding them all mercilessly. F2 (formerly Ethan) got so deep into subpsace that it began begging its Master to fist it. That didn’t happen (yet), but Dylan was asking questions about the process. There’s that sadistic side I mentioned earlier!

As the weekend approached, Alpha Dylan ordered the faggots to thoroughly clean and sanitize the place (due to coronavirus fears). He told them that the faggot who did the best job with their assignments would get to spend Sunday alone with him.

Needless to say, the faggots cleaned like their lives depended on it!

In the end, Alpha Dylan determined that F2 did the best job. So Alpha Dylan spent the day fucking F2 again and again, depositing six loads in its cunt! I swear, even after all these years I have no idea how these Alphas cum so much! But thank goodness they do!

So now Alpha Dylan has his two faggots sharing an apartment (F3 is still in high school and cannot move in yet). The two faggots are sharing one bedroom, with the other bedroom designated as an eventual “playroom” of Alpha Dylan’s design.

Again, sadism.

I think there is something to this desire Alphas like Nick and Dylan have for creating a harem of faggots for continuous and devoted service. Men have this need. These great Alphas are making it a reality, and I love it!