This is another entry in the incredible life of Apex Alpha Sir Titus. For all of his true stories, CLICK HERE to read them in chronological order!

So I received a fair amount of thrilled feedback from readers after my recent entry about the return of Sir Titus after a stint of service in the military. Many were curious about his new arrangement in Montana and this new wealthy sugar daddy cash fag bankrolling his new living situation.

Well Sir Titus told me an extensive true story about his first trip to meet the cash fag and see the new place with his two faggots (who are no longer serving) from several months ago.

If you’re unfamiliar with the stories of Sir Titus, buckle up.

I enjoyed my claimed fags here in Georgia, but I’m looking forward to Montana. I prefer Midwest boys to southern boys. I know – I got to sample while I was out there.

So I asked him more about this first trip out to Montana with his two faggots (mentioned in the previous article).

Fag Steve owns a ranch home outside of Missoula. How we met is a story for another time.

He flew me and my two claimed fags to spend some time up there in beautiful “big sky country”. My fags left a few days earlier because they had school to come back to, but I was able to spend a couple extra days there. Fag Steve arranged a dinner party of sorts; him, me, and three of the local guys he was familiar with through various channels. The guys who showed up were all early to mid 20s and judging by the way they looked at me when I met them, that’s when things clicked about the type of dinner party it was meant to be.

Mid dinner. I got up, saying that I had to “go use the bathroom”, but I actually went to my room, stripped completely naked, and then came back to the dining room like nothing was any different. That’s how you control the energy in a room. One of them finally got the courage to ask if I wanted my cock sucked. The other two looked pissed that they weren’t so bold first. Fag Steve just looked amused. I told him no, that I wanted to finish my steak, but he could worship my feet. (Total tangent, but the steaks fag Steve got were amazing. Tasted fucking fresh from the market).

I turned the conversation from the less mundane to the more direct. That’s when they told me about how they knew fag Steve, why they were there, etc.
In a way, I think it was a test of sorts on fag Steve’s part. Maybe not so much as a test, but an evaluation. It’s easy for someone to say that they are Alpha; it’s another to demonstrate it in action. For all fag Steve knew, I could be just another Alpha-for-pay, as we’ve all seen enough of those before. I felt like I was being observed, and since I actually enjoy displays of my Alpha skills, thought that I would further demonstrate “truth through action”.

After dinner, fag Steve cleaned up and I took the 3 fags into the living room because they each had brought me an offering. I’ll be honest, I chuckled a little to myself at the biblical allegory of being a savior gifted three times. I get it though. He’s offering his house and willing to pay a stipend to me, he probably wanted to make sure I was the real deal. You would’ve thought that the two fags from GA I brought and fucked in front of him would’ve demonstrated that, but it sounds like he arranged this prior to my trip there.

They gave me their gifts as I essentially interviewed them. Easier to ask questions (limits, kinks, turn-ons, etc.) before things heat up. I made them strip for me, and it’s a good thing they were cute because none of them could dance. Haha I got a metal cock ring, rubber ball stretcher, and fresh bottle of poppers. I let the ones who gave me the cock ring put it on me, I put the ball stretcher on myself, and the four of us went outside to the jacuzzi to chill, relax, and talk some more. I knew they wanted to get down to business, but you know how I am: I was going to make them wait as long as possible. Haha.

So for the sake of simplicity, I’ll refer to the 3 fags as Irish, Ass, and Pretty. Irish because he was a pasty ginger with the milkiest skin, Ass should be self explanatory for the Wrangler-wearing fag, and Pretty because he was one of those guys who is so well groomed, I just wanted to ruin him.

The four of us sat in the jacuzzi and relaxed as the sun went down. If you’ve never seen a Montana sunset, it is truly something spectacular to behold, even in the cold winter. Amazing colors in a big open sky. We shot the shit as I had my legs spread wide over the laps of Ass and Pretty. They massaged my legs (after some hesitation since they didn’t know what was/wasn’t acceptable) as Irish fondled slowly my cock and balls that were pulled in the stretcher. None of it was with a purpose or anything other than pure worship and adoration. Fag Steve brought us drinks and I sipped my whiskey-sour.

We talked about their lives, their majors, and their experience as subs/fags. Irish was in an open relationship that was loving but devoid of service opportunities. Pretty had a sugar daddy who fawned over his every need, so similarly, he was there to fulfill his need to give. Ass had probably the most experience as a service fag, having transitioned from power bottom to faggot. Faggot Steve just sat back and watched. He did not engage in our conversation unless he was directly spoken to or told to get us something. I love meeting new people and extrapolating “profiles” of them.

When I had a pretty good idea of the pieces on the board based on their true natures and not just the masks they wore during polite dinner conversation, I asked which one of them wanted to kiss me. All three raised their hands immediately. Irish was positioned best so I said he could kiss me first. He scooted forward, thinking I meant on the lips, so I pushed him back with a foot. I lifted my legs up on the edge of the jacuzzi so my cock was poking out over the water, nodded to it, and told him to kiss me. Ass and Pretty just watched as he did exactly as he was told. I pointed that out to the others because when you’re training in a group like that, the focus of training can be taught to the others directly. As I started oozing precum, I had Irish share it with the other two by kissing them. I think they enjoyed their “dessert”. Haha

I finally gave them permission to share my cock with some very specific guidelines.

I was to be sucked, not sucked off.

– They were to share.

– Only one cock mattered: mine. They were not to touch themselves.

I basically just laid back, closed my eyes, and enjoyed 3 eager mouths as they worked my cock. I took notes here and there of which ones gave better head, which ones seemed to improve, the usual stuff. I closed my eyes and it was sunset.

I opened them again and the sun had already gone down and the back porch was lit by dim fairy lights. I was properly edged and it was time to play “cock potato”, which is basically “hot potato” but with my cock in their mouth. I stood up (not without difficulty since the whiskey had hit a little harder than I expected) and fag Steve timed 20 seconds for each of them to try and make me cum. They thought they each had an equal chance, but I have pretty good cum control and knew exactly which one was going to get my load. This is the level of an Apex: to know exactly how to motivate and improve your fags. An Alpha plays checkers; an Apex plays chess.

It wasn’t going to be Ass because I knew that if he didn’t get it, he would be inspired to work harder to get my next one. It wasn’t Irish because his cocksucking skills needed some work. After a few rounds, I had Pretty on my dick. I grabbed him by the back of his head and forgetfully deep throated into him. He panicked a little but I didn’t let go. It was particularly hard for him to learn to submit, but it was also so the other two could understand that resistance truly was futile.
When I felt his throat relax a little, that change in tension was all I needed to cum. He swallowed most of my cum, but I held back a little as I pulled out, leaving the last shot or two for his face.
I stepped back to admire my work and told the other two to clean him up. It was like piranhas at feeding time.

Fag Steve, like a good faggot, was ready for me with a fresh towel. I let him dry me off as the 3 fags got out of the jacuzzi. I told them that they should go prep and do spot checks to make sure they were cleaned out deep before we moved inside. They practically tripped over each other trying to get to the bathroom. I let fag Steve suck my cock for a while as I finished my whiskey.

When the fags were all done prepping, I told each of them that I would give them 10 minutes of alone time with me in the bedroom. I wanted to see what they wanted and without the distraction of the others around.

Irish went first and as you can see, what he wanted to do was worship my cock (photo evidence provided to Sam). Ass and I wrestled a bit and he really got into sniffing and licking me all over. Pretty also wanted to suck my dick again. The power and effect of Alpha cum in his gut was very apparent. Eat your heart out, Jane Goodall; I was in my element making observations about fags in their natural habitats.

After they each had their one-on-one time with me, I went back into the living room to grab the poppers and the other two fags. The five of us went into the Master bedroom.

I’m about to go off on a rant right now. I hate condoms. I truly fucking hate condoms. They never fit right, they dull the feelings, and cumming inside one just doesn’t feel the same. That being said, despite all of us being on prep, Irish and Pretty asked that I wear one since Irish has a boyfriend and it is one of Pretty’s sugar daddy’s rules. Fag Steve is friends with Pretty’s SD too, so I wasn’t going to push there, and Irish was so timid, I didn’t want to scare him.

Ass had the right attitude when I asked him privately about it. He basically said, “men were meant to breed, so do what you feel you were born to do”.

To be honest, I remember how it started and I remember how it ended. Everything else was a blur of sweat and skin and cum. It started with Ass sitting on my face after I cracked open the bottle of poppers. Irish helped put the Magnum on me and Pretty sat on it, facing Ass so they could kiss as he adjusted. Supposedly I’m a “little” bigger than his SD. Irish was between my legs, licking at my balls which felt amazing since they were tight in the stretcher. Then like I said, the rest was a blur of grunts and moans and slapping skin on skin. I know Irish rode me next and the three of them did a good job switching things around.
I remember when the condom came off and it felt like my cock could briefly breathe again, even if it was for a few short moments before I fucked Ass. I remember my second load went in him.

We took a break and Irish was going to have to get back home soon since it was getting late. He went outside to have a post-sex smoke. I went out and joined him. I don’t usually smoke, but I needed something to mellow me out a little. I remember telling him that smoking was bad for him, taking the cigarette from his fingers, and claiming it as my own. Even with that, let me tell you: Montana in the winter at night is not pleasant. Fortunately, fag Steve had those heater umbrellas so we huddled under one of them. We talked, I did some psychological aftercare with him, made sure he was centered. One thing led to another and I ended up having him against the side of the house, my raw cock fucking him. I couldn’t cum (too cold and I knew that he and his boyfriend would’ve viewed breeding as truly crossing the line), but I did let him jack off until he sprayed his weak little fag cum on the ground. He sucked my dick clean, gave me a cigarette for later (a fag from a fag), and then left.

And then there were two. Ass and Pretty were making out when I got back into the room. Fag Steve was just watching from the corner where he had been sitting the whole time. I snapped my fingers and he went to get Gatorade for me and waters for the fags.

They asked me if everything was okay because I was out there for a while. They acted surprised when I told them I had just bareback fucked Irish. I reassured them that I didn’t cum and that the next load was for one of them. I put Pretty on his knees sucking my dick and Ass rimming me. Fag Steve came back and, this I found funny, Pretty asked him if he could get a Gatorade too. The minute fag Steve was out of the room, Pretty got up from his knees turned around, backed his ass onto my dick, and started fucking himself on my raw cock. Seems like Irish wasn’t the only reticent condom queen. Haha. He stopped when we heard fag Steve coming down the hall and went back to sucking my dick. Probably for the best because he turned me on so much by his ballsiness that I almost busted my nut, and if that has happened, fag Steve definitely would’ve seen.

Round 2 was more of the same blur. Fucking Ass raw, condom on, fucking Pretty, switching things up as fag Steve held the poppers for us and handed us drinks. There was a moment where I remember fucking Pretty doggy style and I was getting really hot and sweaty. I started chugging water and it started running down my body and collecting in the nape of Pretty’s arched back. Ass licked the water from me before drinking from the pool that collected in Pretty’s lower back. It was hot to see Ass so attentive. I’m definitely going to have to use him when I move there. After Ass was done “drying” us up, he got under Pretty in a 69 with him. I kept getting really close but just couldn’t cross that finish line; fucking condoms. I pulled out to catch my breath and leaned back to watch the fags sucking each other. From underneath, Ass gave me a kind of wave. As I leaned forward, he slipped the condom off of me and lined my cock up with Pretty’s hole. I didn’t really need the aiming assistance since he was pretty gaped already. From where faggot Steve was sitting, and with the low light of the room, he never could’ve seen me sliding in raw. Pretty told me later that he and Ass had already discussed this and the only reason he told me to use a condom was because he was afraid fag Steve would tell his SD. So I’m fucking Pretty raw and I feel his ass start to tighten. I’m all too familiar with this and know he’s about to cum. I feel his ass twitch and hear both him and Ass moan. I couldn’t hold back even if I wanted to (which I didn’t) and I flooded his guts. When I pulled out, all of my cum and his juices splattered on Ass’s face and Ass immediately rimmed Pretty; this way it would appear as if I had cum on Ass’s face instead. Didn’t take long before Ass was whimpering about cumming so I shoved Pretty’s face down and made him taste Ass’s pathetic fag cum. I have to admit it was fun watching him retch a little in a way he didn’t do when taking my cum down his throat for obvious reasons.

When they were done, Pretty rushed off to the bathroom and Ass let fag Steve lick my cum off his face, which I thought was nice. I followed Pretty into the bathroom (again to make sure he was okay). He was a little shaken and nervous because he was afraid his SD would find out. This was when he told me about the plan for getting me to BB him. I told him he was fine and the two of us showered together. For being a fag I started off wanting to destroy completely, it was a pretty tender moment of reassurance.

Ass came in to tell us that fag Steve was getting tired and asked if I was too. To be honest, I was a little, but I was still horny because #alphaneeds. Pretty got dressed and left, leaving just me with Ass and fag Steve. Fag Steve asked if we needed anything else and I told him I was probably going to go have my other cigarette. He told me that Alphas shouldn’t smoke cigarettes, then proceeded to show me his humidor. Yes, this faggot had a fucking humidor.

The three of us went back onto the patio while I smoked, shooting the shit under the heaters. I got about halfway through a great sweet chocolate cigar but had reached my limit.

We all went inside and fag Steve told me he needed to set the alarm. (Tangent – why someone on a somewhat remote ranch with no neighbors needs an alarm system is beyond me). What this meant, however, was that Ass was either staying the night or leaving right then. He looked at me and I wish I could’ve bottled that look up.

I told fag Steve “he’s staying”.

So Ass and I took the Master bedroom (obviously) and fag Steve took the guest room adjacent to it. For the rest of the night, Ass and I talked, fucked, and had a proper breeding session. I wondered if faggot Steve was turned on by the noise we were making, but I think we both know the answer to that question. Haha.

May I remind you, all of that was just the first trip to check out the new fag-funded digs!


Granted, this is not the first monstrous Sir Titus fuck session I’ve covered here, but it’s different in that we see how Sir Titus uses Apex Alpha privilege to get exactly what he wants when he wants it. The control is unparalleled. He wields a group of faggots like a master magician, coaxing each one to perform tricks under his sure and steady hand.

His former faggot Cody has told me how amazing it feels to have Sir Titus’ huge cock pumping cum into its hole, and how Sir Titus has a neverending supply of it to feed his property.

Well it sounds like all of Montana will be swallowing liquid manna from his Apex Alpha cock very soon!

Site note: Sir Titus is now an editor here at FWA and will begin writing his experiences directly. He’s a gifted communicator, so I’m looking forward to what he writes going forward!