This is going to be a (hopefully) brief message about important updates coming to FWA.

The most important current development: I am in the process of building a Craigslist-like CLASSIFIED ADS section into the site!

It’s very clear that this is probably the single most requested tool Alphas and faggots want in their search for service opportunities. I tried to fundraise money to build an app for this, but people didn’t support it. So now I’ve figured out how to build something very much like those beloved old Craigslist personals ads that should fill the void. Which brings me to the next subject …

The time of FWA being a free site is coming to an end. Until now, all of the work and expense of running a site this big has fallen on me. So far, the site has been running on my own love and passion for the message of Hierarchy, but those things don’t pay bills.

I don’t want to make the entire site a subscription-based site, but that might be happening. I could make the personal ads section a pay-per-use function, but I don’t know.

I am open to suggestions from the peanut gallery. Leave them in the comments below.

All I know is this: in whatever form the subscription takes, those wonderful people who have been Patreons until now will receive everything free for life. These are the people who stepped up and put their money down for the site, and I’m rewarding their faithfulness and support. It’s the least I could do for their inspiration.

Anyway, this is where we’re at right now. I’ll keep you updated as these changes roll out.

sam the faggot