This thread follows the thoughts and reflections of a 38-year-old Apex Alpha named Master Aresson as he sets out to rule the world. CLICK HERE to follow these posts in chronological order!

I honestly didn’t know what I was unleashing upon the world when I first wrote about Apex Alpha Master Aresson several months ago. Although he already had a wide network of faggots across Europe that he was breeding, he was still something of a shadowy, underworld figure.

Then I shone a bright, worshipful light on his Godhood, and the pussies of faggots around the world tightened in lust.

In addition, I encouraged him to look into the Twitter findom as a way to own more faggots. Wary at first, soon Master Aresson blew up the findom world with his unfiltered and direct personality and his peerless body. It was just another mountain to conquer, and conquer it he did!

But just because Master Aresson has shiny new faggot toys to play with online doesn’t mean he’s forgotten about or abandoned his primary function – the breeding of females and faggots.

After all, above all else, he is an Alpha King carrying the seeds of royal Alpha dynasties in the balls swinging between his legs. This is his primary function.

It’s also a lucrative one.

There is a heterosexual couple in Germany he met on Twitter who have hired Master Aresson to breed the wife. They’ve signed a contract for $25K once the pregnancy occurs.

The other day I received this text from Master Aresson:

I drive to Germany tomorrow to meet the couple. The want to assess muscle mass, height, size. They also said they want to see me fuck.

So he traveled to Germany, and then told me about his exam:

With the couple in Germany now. Turns out the cuck husband is a fertility doctor. That explains the tests. He has taken all my measurements. Had me on a treadmill and lifting weights. Had me cum in a cup. To analyse …
Still waiting. They want to see me fuck now. He said he had test subjects for me to use…
So they had 2 fags for me to fuck. Gave them quite a show… There was a large mirror and a little table. So I stood on the table like a podium. Undressing. Tossing the fags my socks and boxers so they could get used to my pheromones. Then I did my flexing routine. Watching myself with my cock rock hard. And I had the fags on their knees kissing my feet. From there the full program. Thorough worship of feet, balls, pits, muscles. Throatfucking. Cunting and breeding their pussies. Finished it off by pissing all over them…

The outcome from this demonstration?

They agreed. Paid my advance and I have to go back next week because the wife will be in the fertile window. Full payment when she is pregnant with a boy.

This is God-like power and confidence, the likes of which I’ve seen from just one other King: the legendary California Alpha.

In fact, I shared Master Aresson’s story with him, and California Alpha’s first reaction was to say, “He sounds like me!”

As for the momentousness of what he is preparing to do, the import was not lost on Master Aresson.

I thought about what you said last week. That my offspring is my legacy. You are right. I have the power between my legs to create an army of future alphas. I can “make” the cock that will fuck fags in the future. Nature tells us how it is done. The alpha male fucks the bitches and moves on.

I know all of this sounds impossible, but I assure you it isn’t. The rules of life we obey simply do not apply to Apex Alphas. They are above and beyond the simple comprehensions of little, inferior people.

And the daily offers and tributes they receive because of their perfection we will never know.