This thread follows the adventures of two powerful Apex Alphas, Master Nick and Master Matt, as they join forces to rule an Earth full of faggots! CLICK HERE to read these stories in chronological order!

It’s been a little while since we’ve had an update from Master Nick and Master Matt and their Kingdom of faggots in Canada. I think the COVID crisis finally wore them down (like most of us) as the weeks and months went on, and they settled into an isolated routine (again, like most of us). I will give the Masters credit – they strictly enforced quarantine in order to protect their faggots. They do take the care of their property very seriously.

But now they and their flock of faggots have received vaccinations and the crisis is coming to an end, and like the spring flowers after a passing storm the Masters have begun opening themselves to new experiences. I wrote about one of the recent developments – financial domination of online faggots. That continues, with their faithful online cash fag Amir tributing hundreds of dollars to each of them every month.

Now there has been a new wrinkle in the way Masters Nick and Matt deal with their faggots – humiliation and degradation. Honestly, it’s surprising that this hasn’t really been a feature of their domination from the start. After all, they are both straight Alphas, and traditionally straight Alphas are not particularly kind to faggots. However, both Masters have been somewhat loving and affectionate with their faggots to this point, a trait they’ve shared with some of my best past Masters as well. I think that’s why my heart has been bound so close to them for so long now – they remind me of my best memories.

Ultimately, though, both Masters need to grow and become the truest versions of themselves. I would never want to deny them that opportunity for growth.

The art and technique of targeted humiliation is something many Alphas strive for but few truly master. When applied successfully, humiliation can reinforce a faggot’s purpose and reinvigorate both the faggot and its owner to form a more powerful bond. How? Humiliation of a faggot forces the faggot to confront its own weaknesses and expose its fragile heart. Once exposed, an Alpha can then give the faggot what it needs to feel alive and purposeful again.

Men who incorrectly apply or abuse humiliation are like the proverbial bull in a china shop, destroying without purpose.

Humiliation and degradation was recently applied to Jeremy, one of Master Matt’s two outstanding faggots. Jeremy’s attitude had shifted, and he was becoming “a bit of a princess” during the waning days of COVID. Something needed to be done. After consulting with one of my favorite older Alphas, @superiormen (formerly @FirstAmongMen), they decided to take action.

A week ago both houses assembled at Master Nick’s place. So present that day were all three of Master Nick’s faggots and Master Nick, and Master Matt and his two faggots. The two Masters had all of the faggots strip naked. Then they placed Jeremy on all fours on the coffee table and forced him into the bitch position, all of his faggot brothers standing around him.

Jeremy was forced to remain in the bitch position for an hour while Masters Nick and Matt degraded Jeremy and called him names. They made him loudly beg to be fucked and bred repeatedly.

The Masters knew their humiliation was working because Jeremy’s little fag clit was leaking precum out of its chastity cage. They put a saucer beneath the dribbling clit to collect the precum. After a while, they made Jeremy lick up his own precum.

After they felt like Jeremy had begged enough, the Masters took turns fucking and breeding Jeremy on the coffee table in front of his faggot brothers.

I could hear the change in attitude when I talked to Jeremy later. “Sam, I now love being in chastity!” exclaimed Jeremy at one point. The experience was meaningful.

Friday the Masters got together with Jeremy again for another session. This time they put Jeremy in the bitch position and milked him together while humiliating him. Then Master Nick mounted Jeremy’s ass while Master Matt fucked Jeremy’s throat, and they bred the faggot from both ends.

Did it help?

Well, yesterday Jeremy came home and knelt before his Master Matt. The faggot had a gift he bought for his Master – a Starbucks travel mug. Master Matt was touched by the gift, something his faggot gave willingly from his heart. Master Matt rubbed his humble faggot’s head and said, “good boy.”

Why was Jeremy so moved to do this? Because targeted humiliation of a faggot can produce a state of grateful humility in it. To the world, what Masters Nick and Matt did to Jeremy might be considered cruel or even inhumane. But they don’t understand Hierarchy or the true workings of faggots and Men.