Findom gets a lot of hate for its exploitative nature. I’ve certainly come down on it pretty hard over the years, particularly when I find “cash Masters” who are conning faggots out of their money or outright stealing from them.

But I also like to highlight positive stories about findom when I come across them. Let’s face it – findom isn’t going away, so I might as well try to understand the phenomenon and encourage the safe application of it.

A few weeks ago I published something from a cash fag named “TM” (should I call him Trademark?) about his devotion to an online findom named Master Raz. You can read that post by CLICKING HERE. In it, Trademark describes how he had given all of his money to Master Raz and was prepared to live without any cash for several weeks. This alarmed me, and I expressed my concern in the post.

But here’s what I didn’t consider: the power of Master Raz on the faggots like Trademark that he owns. His ownership seems to be transforming for these faggots, inspiring them to greater heights of submission – the goal of every true faggot, right?

Trademark wrote to me to update his progress in his service to Master Raz:

Now that it is a new month, I wanted to send a follow up.  You commented that you were alarmed to hear that I had emptied my bank account and sent it to Master Raz.  It wasn’t as crazy as it sounded.  All my bills come, and are paid, early in the month.  So, all the essentials: rent, utilities, healthcare, etc. were paid.  Spending in the latter half is on me, and that is what I sent to my Master.  By sending him all my money I precluded the usual pissing away of my money, no coffee, clothing, movies, restaurants, etc. 

Granted, I didn’t have money for groceries but there was food in the refrigerator and pantry.  Plus, I got food from the food bank on the 20th so I was just fine. 

As I mentioned, I’ve started maintaining my chastity out of respect to my Master.  It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be.  Anytime I wanted to release that pressure I just thought of how I wanted to honor my Master, and Alpha Men in general, and I was able to control myself.  The longer I go, the less I even think about it.  Maintaining that control really does affect the mind.  I feel more submissive and there is some sense of serenity.  It’s difficult to explain it. I’m even more convinced that Master Raz  is the man I was meant to serve.  Just looking at this picture makes me feel relaxed.  His self-confidence and dominance come through so clearly when he speaks.  He has been kind and understanding with respect to my financial limitations.  He has recorded a couple personal messages which were wonderful.  I’ve served some good men over the years but Master Raz is far and above all the others.  You were spot on correct when you described him as an Apex Alpha. 

I’ve been making more of an effort to live the life of a true fag.  Most fags are selfish and a little narcissistic.  That leads to fag behavior like a fag making demands of Alphas they “serve,” or to rude behavior, or wasting all their money on themselves, etc.  You’ve complained about this behavior on your blog and podcasts and I agree with you.  This isn’t the natural behavior of a fag.  Fags are born to serve.  This abhorrent fag behavior is the learned through pop culture and consumer culture.  I’m proud that I’m not nearly as bad as many, but I’m far from perfect.  I’ve spent most of my life focused on myself.  So, I am taking extra effort to deny myself the comforts and luxury to which real men are entitled. Fags have no such entitlement.  It started with chastity; I no longer allow myself to experience any pleasure with my penis.  Then I took the step I talked about above where I denied myself money.  This forces me to give up many comforts and luxuries, that I enjoy, like entertainment, good foods, restaurants, etc.  I’ve starting taking only cold showers.  That’s just another comfort I’m denying myself. 

By denying myself simple, everyday comforts, a larger portion of any joy I get in my life is from serving my Master.  Since the mind naturally seeks more of what it gets pleasure from, it will automatically put more emphasis on serving men.  That gets me closer to what I was meant to be. 

I’ve always known that I was happiest when I was less focused on myself and more focused on what I was born to do, serve the Alpha Male.  As I get closer to being a real fag, I find that life just gets better.

This is a powerful and convincing message from a faggot experiencing true transformation under the spell of Master Raz. What truly impressed me is how Trademark has re-committed himself to chastity in honor of the Apex Alphahood of Master Raz. It reminded me of my reason for going into chastity.

I wonder if Master Raz thinks about the faggots sacrificing themselves and even their own maleness in honor to him. When he’s standing at a urinal pissing like a Man, or when he’s sliding his dick into a pussy … does he think about how his Alpha Masculinity has transformed the entire lives of faggots like Trademark?

In just two months in the scene, Master Raz has accomplished these kinds of complete transformations in the lives of faggots around the world. I can’t think of a better application of Alpha power, and it comes from the real influence of findom!