I totally subscribe to the scientific theory regarding the power of pheromones. These secret scents emitted by humans and animals are subconsciously influencing surrounding creatures, positively or negatively. If you have read any of the odes to Alpha Masculinity posted by Lord @Natural-Hung-Bull, you’ll know the sudden storms than can arise within a Man at the subtle detection of a certain scent. 

I say this because I received another email from a burgeoning Alpha living in Peru that I will call Alpha Saul. Last time I heard from him, he described how he was coming to grips with possibly being an Alpha while also learning to navigate a gay relationship and his own body issues. Alphahood is a process of discovery for some Men. 

Here he wanted to give me a recent anecdote to examine for him. Here is what he wrote:

The purpose of this email is to tell you something that happened last Saturday, and well… I want to read your thoughts on it. Last week, one of my boyfriend’s best friends stopped by our place because he was going to be in the city for one night only and needed somewhere to spend the night and sleep. This Man (yes, capital M) is one of the very few gentlemen I do respect a lot as a Man and as a Gentleman, and besides that, he’s absolutely straight, and I’ll never dare to touch him or to attempt to do anything. He is in fact, the kind of Man I’d love to be if I were 100% Straight. Let’s say he is a kind of role model for me, despite he’s actually younger than me.

Anyway, we took him to have some beers with a group (my boyfriend, some of his coworkers, me, and him). We got home, and the three of us had to share the same bed … nothing wrong with that. We both were like any other straight dudes… I ended up in my underwear only, my boyfriend and him as well… 

But then this man took his shirt off. He’s not muscular or anything, and certainly I didn’t see him in a sexual way at all, and I’ve seen him shirtless other times, but he raised his arms and I saw a pair of perfectly hairy, beer-sweated, armpits. I’m HEAVILY into Male armpits. And I mean HEAVILY… Even my own turn me on and make me ultra hard if I’m really sweaty. I saw his armpits for a couple seconds and didn’t give much of an importance, but I smelled his scent, and despite it was kinda normal for me, it’s like it got tattooed on my subconscious mind. He left the next day, and everything was fine. 

But that afternoon/evening, don’t know why, I remembered his armpits and got horny because I transformed this into “I wanna eat my boyfriend’s ass as soon as I get home”. I couldn’t focus at work, I was counting the seconds to get home… On the road back it was an odd mix of his armpits and my boyfriend’s ass, and when I got home… My boyfriend was sleeping naked (as we usually do), I tenderly kissed his ass and his back, and when slid the tip of my tongue on his crack… And felt he was freshly out of the shower… Something exploded in my mind… I started licking every part of his body, kissing him with all of my forces, rimming him so hard he almost came. 

I didn’t say A SINGLE WORD while doing all of this. I was just grunting, huffing, puffing… I felt like a complete animal. I ACTUALLY felt I was an animal and not a human being. I couldn’t even think. It was like if my most primitive caveman side got activated. I even felt like howling, roaring… Not sure if I did it or not. 

All I remember was, that there was a moment I realized my boyfriend had an orgasm without touching himself, and I thought in my broken thoughts “fuck until me cum sex fuck breed fuck” and I fucked him like I had NEVER, EVER fucked him before. But… Sometimes, flashes of this guy’s armpits came to my mind, and when I came… It felt like a total river (in fact, my boyfriend asked me later “did you piss in me? Because if not you came a lot”). I’m pretty sure it wasn’t piss.

After I came, it’s like my brain returned to normal, and felt I like a person again. Something like “What the fuck happened!?” I forgot about the other dude’s armpits, and after that, I think about him “Nah. He’s family. He’s a true Man, and off limits”. Just the same I’ve always thought of him, and I’ve lived my life just as usual… But my boyfriend got delighted. He told me I tore his ass, and even called me “my lovely ass breaker” hehehehehehe.

I thought I caught this Man’s pheromones and, despite no sexual thoughts on him, and despite I’d never touch him, he activated my primitive, caveman side, and well, what do animals do? BREED. This pheromone thing may be true… Not sure, but, what I can say is… I’m glad and proud of my armpits, man smells, and of the fact that we’re all animals deep down.  

Indeed. We are definitely all animals deep down.

Males are special creatures. They are triggered by the senses in ways more carnal and immediate than females. Men are the stuff of the Earth, basic and primitive in the most powerful ways imaginable.

Alpha Saul was overcome with sexual aggression and desire at the sight and smell of another Alpha’s armpits. Men who are “in heat” give off these kinds of pheromones, and they can trigger aggression in surrounding male animals as well. 

The violent breeding of his boyfriend was a stake on his claim, a stamp of ownership inspired by the Alpha pheromones of this “rival” Alpha. Men have a need to touch base with this primal aspect of their sexuality. Pheromones are one of the most elemental aspects of this animal instinct. 

I love hearing stories about Alpha Males expressing their power upon others and the world. Alphas are under constant pressure to conform to the expectations of society. But no law of restrictive societies are as powerful as a scent on the wind.